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  1. Not a pissing contest, i'm just saying there shouldn't BE 2k HP MOBS ON A 20 lvl quest
  2. PRIVACY POLICY Well i was killing them with ss, but i ran out. 2k hp on a lvl 15 mob... so dumb
  3. I know you guys don't use it, latin american communities suffer from this. ADD THE MOTHER FLIPPING "Ñ" to the bleeping chat.
  4. no, bullshit, no other quest mob is THAT HARD. 2k hp on a quest mob, bleep off. It took all my potions, about 250 of them, all the buff scrolls and the better part of two hours to complete THE FIRST STEP of the class change quest. F U CK THAT LITTLE BITCHES, GIMME MAH POTIONS AND FIX THIS.
  5. I'm gonna say this because someone in the dev team clearly never played L2. First thing you gotta do when you start the Orc Raider class quest is KILL A FU*K TON of Goblin tomb Raider Leaders. HERE FOR SOME SHlT REASON, they are WAY TO TOUGH, and you need to kill 7 more or less to get the rat to spawn. Why on earth would you set a mob like that? is it because you're racist towards orc? Also the rat is a big pain the dlck to kill, come on. be real. Thank god I didn't pay for this shlt
  6. Yeah Free to play, but pay to bleepING GET IN!, 3 hours trying to get in, are you shitting me? how much money do you want? Stop. Stop it and fix the bleep TI server.
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