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  1. I wasn't even worried about my coins I bought but since game unplayable I even said I would come back if game gets fixed but here response if you asking for refund. Glenn (Lineage 2) Oct 6, 08:05 PDT Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Upon checking your account, it appears that you've already used the serial code associated with your Lineage II Classic Launch Pack and along with your NCoin. As such, we will be unable to assist you with your refund request. Also, we suggest that we tra
  2. If you want great company might wanna take note on this company, Bethesda Softworks I tried their game for couple days bought full game with subscription and the game just wasn't my style of game. Sent ticket refund and got one no question asked and even told me their game not for everyone would shows they care more of consumers then anything else, which shows great respect they earn from me. Point is guys doing bad and getting bad reputation is on you all, then random 3rd server out blue was stupid also should of either open all 3 first day to spread it out or fix all the issue you had then
  3. So only transfer time left on pack to new server? Does it include VIP transfer including VIP 4 that was spent to get?
  4. If you already used classic server pack or bought any ncsoft coins they won't refund it already tried. Best call C.C. up and make complaint.
  5. Wait until you get death exp higher up ;p that 10% gone in sec.
  6. I rather have that, same time already spent on classic server pack would be slap in my face. Still would probably rather pay that then what I just did.
  7. Yup game messed up and don't think asking for refund anything you're screwed with shabby start of server, shabby adena, drops, better get C.C. out or you always be behind. I expect exp to be bad but everything else, death exp, adena, SS, drops.
  8. I was reading up on skills I seen WC have cast speed buff figure be good with Sps for more cast.
  9. I was thinking Sps main, SE and WC for boxing, do you think that would be good idea. Was also thinking Sps main, SE and Warsmith (which for crafting) but thinking if I join good clan don't need worry to much about it. So many choices that it's driving me nuts -_-.
  10. Is their even a way to prove you have VIP 4
  11. I really hope 3rd server is announce in advance before I start on talking island if other is going be better time zone for me.
  12. If would help make support main more useful I think they would be better idea, but I think a lot of people who dual box look at when grinding for hours they rather have all the drops themselves then share it with support main. No idea if support are horrible grinder and not useful but for buffs or people really antisocial and greedy, when I first played I started months after L2 came out and I played has SS wasn't a lot of support around at all so when I heard I could I tried it. I want to try support one time figure everyone want them in clans but more I read seems finding grind party will be
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