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  1. What server you played ? I was in Bartz but reroll in Teon when open
  2. Hi guys, I'm an old player, start in C3 and quit in Kamael (march 2008). I dunno why but I restart in Classic from few mounth. In my day there were mainly 2 Sides, a lot of clan and people but 2 big alliance in war that competing for castles and epic boss (a lot of pvp for epic boss!!!). Now is different a lot of things change but i would understand what happends in the server. How many sides are there? There is only one Siege (Giran) WHY??? Why the map is incomplete? I can't see Heine (old map) and Runes-Shuttgard. Anyway my first impression is the server is too calm: not
  3. yes but 79-80 = 22bil (only!!!) and i needs 5/7 days of full exp! Same spot and same mobs for 81 i will need 35 days ... and more and more for 82, 83, 84...
  4. thanks! But at my lvl i can't go toi5 and i don't see selling in giran
  5. Thank again, i hope you are right but if i look at the table on l2wiki i'm afraid : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level
  6. ok thanks really. Anyway I think after 80 the exp will be too low in this zones to level up ...
  7. Thanks for reply. What are the elemental zones? Now i exp in hot spring, forgotten island or FOG (Duo nuker+recharger/buffer). 80-84 in a matter of days looks so impossible now!!! I think i needs 5-6 days only to go 80 from 79!!!
  8. I'm 79 near 80, watching exp table for 81 from 80 i will need 5 times exp than now... Maybe I exp in bad spot, now 79lvl i can take 8% exp in 10 hours (i take for mob 230000/270000 exp). when i will be 80 if i don't change spot in 10 hours i will take only 1,6% ...! Is impossible level up in this condition! So you can tell me yhe best spot for 80+ and what is the good exp for mob at this level? Thank and sorry for mu bad english
  9. Hi all, anyone can tell me where i can found masterbook? I need for Emp4 shield4 and might4 thanks all
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