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  1. I wish also more stability and remove lag trees... 4 disconnets at oly today...
  2. Good point only change we see is ranking table mess
  3. Relax guys :) Simply just ignore this Black Scam sale :P
  4. Mostly probably because gm's are not responsible for game mechanics But ofc would be nice to say us that dev's will be asked for possible change/upgarde
  5. Really guys? Ninja Launcher update just to lower your dmg/adena? Nothing more to say
  6. Why you expect any answer? We never get any for issues all comunity see except bus driver
  7. The point is that i bought both on main and dual. Description says about % of slots what we all know isnt true. Cap is on 95 items even if you have 182 slots
  8. Can be connected lag with disconnect
  9. After yesterday maitenance random disconnect back.... Any incomming soulution?
  10. Guys, this issue is just a top of iceberg. Lineage is not mmo pvp anymore, its FPS with pay real money for your dmg upgrade. Shilen crystals and blood weapons skils are break any normal pvp left. Ahhh i forgot, still chat pvp warriors exist, so mayby should be a system to count it somehow
  11. Yeah, we already waiting few years Tell us at least that you have fix for it in your pipeline
  12. One from the longest issue we have. You add 200 new items but we still have limit of 95 items to switch class.
  13. Just another mess from nc, on the perfect world all old agations should be force exchanged for new one. But we all know that devs totally lost control about NA gameplay/balance/economy.
  14. It was a bit sarcastic, they probably can operate with rates w/o restatarting. Mostly its look like „first event day luck” just to bait all of us with hope
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