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  1. Yes yes Mr Smartguy, definitly you are profesional QQer and you play L2 how it is possible???!!!
  2. I bet its few instances like game server mob server login server database server etc :) important to us is scalabilty and network traffic managment :)
  3. Nice Move servers to amazon after they can blame Jeff for lags
  4. Lag is horrible... worse then ever, any chance we can get „any” info that someone care, and problem will be investigated?
  5. Guys mayby just simple and normal solution is to have live GM in game? its not hard to find and punish bad guys Its like with police, you could stole snickers from market but you are affraid for penalty... guess how will look your city without authorities guarding order....
  6. We ask many years for this fix :) but as always we (community) are ignored :P
  7. I vote to remove ALL aoe skills and problem solved :)
  8. Login issue is definitly related to your isp/network. Tested few times on my 2 isp providers, one connection make me log w/o problem on a second keep geting "The client will be closed"
  9. I can confirm, around 85 luc on box crafter, luc trigger less then half that was before update.
  10. Only magic is how fast can box send party inv and summon you on the spot but its a box, who cares what software is used
  11. I wish also more stability and remove lag trees... 4 disconnets at oly today...
  12. Good point only change we see is ranking table mess
  13. Relax guys :) Simply just ignore this Black Scam sale :P
  14. Mostly probably because gm's are not responsible for game mechanics But ofc would be nice to say us that dev's will be asked for possible change/upgarde
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