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  1. Unfortunately lag is back looks like again DB queue issue
  2. Great news! Hope it will work! Just on the record, you know that we have bot adena farmers already here? Hope you take proper actions on this matter too
  3. Can you share with us if you find any solution for terrible item/npc lags we have?
  4. Game is unplayable atm, horrible lag on any potion, drop, npc dialogue....
  5. Its happen to everyone from time to time
  6. Even if it will come i dont even want to think about ncoin price for einhassad coins :)
  7. Fresh made toon, so basic stuff to start decent farm. Dragon weapon and stacked skill cd items its for very rich ppl only
  8. Tyr GK is based on P. attack critical dmg, armor depend on your play style but i prefere light for skill reuse. Jewels u can use on start bascic ones with 15% crit dmg. Basicly on start go max str and crit damage rate items.
  9. The issue is incomming dmg from mobs not kill ratio :) Mobs there are stronger then 95% of Naia server :P
  10. Amazing box 265 pcs and 2 shirt agument stone, 2 divine book and 1 authority ornament, 240 box give 746 gold bars = 1 hewr Good luck guys
  11. With current deton price its not worth to use it but yes with boost and full buffs it is 2.2-2.3b
  12. 3 potions of all kind from top Harmony Support Box + 13 from scrolls (13 is max you can get a day) its not a big consumables event
  13. 3b per hour at ToI for single target? How? i was thinking is 1.8-2 max
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