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  1. Amazing box 265 pcs and 2 shirt agument stone, 2 divine book and 1 authority ornament, 240 box give 746 gold bars = 1 hewr Good luck guys
  2. With current deton price its not worth to use it but yes with boost and full buffs it is 2.2-2.3b
  3. 3 potions of all kind from top Harmony Support Box + 13 from scrolls (13 is max you can get a day) its not a big consumables event
  4. 3b per hour at ToI for single target? How? i was thinking is 1.8-2 max
  5. Yes grind, but for grind u need to organize, find a way to get best exp/adena income per hour, decide if use extra boost or not, think twice where to go when at war status, still need to take care about our lovely afk killers. How all of this fit to offline you asking? :)
  6. Offline exp in lineage 2 is like you say i play football watching it at tv
  7. No one start cry yet so i will be the first one :) Looks like we exp too fast and getting too much adena :P Spawn time for monsters in the Swamp of Screams have been changed. Rewards for the Isle of Souls (Strongholds 2, 3) Hunting Zone monsters have been adjusted.
  8. Old post but i need to say it, i found similar issue on my hunting. Usually all hits land as crit with diffrent dmg output. But sometimes i see it is like 2-3 hits which not pop any info on screen and not make any dmg on mob. I count this as a game server lag, i dont find any other explanation for it.
  9. Would be nice to test it Other way i back to Holy again.
  10. Are you sure about it? So mobs have equal deffense on all att? I tryed to test but output dmg have to many modifiers to be 100% sure Lf for fix dmg skill to test it.
  11. At least some help for lower geared people. And nice one Kara's Talisman (10-day) Just thinking 30 min already for what you guys add Topaz Lv. 5 (7-day)
  12. Definitly on start exalted bundle is a perfect choice. Also make a quest path for exalted to get common jewels and exalted weapon. All this should be enaugh for you to go 110 lvl and slowly make adena from farm/trades to get better gear in a future.
  13. No-lifer - One who has no social life; a friendless introvert. Dont compare everyone to your personal opinion, i have social life and many friends, i play 24/7 but this not mean i am nonstop at front of the monitor. But ok i understand you are the person who have ready made answer for everything (no offense)
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