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  1. As i remember old times was 4k+ players and was not an issue since we have less items and many areas where ppl can go now we have 100+ items affect calculation on dmg/def and 99% of population at 3-4 hunting areas. For that we need something better than flooded mssql database Btw idk how but eve online can handle 25k ppl oline
  2. As always ranking system and bots make server lag think better how old game can handle all this iops when we have 100 diffrent items affect character stats/dmg/defense, all that code updates w/o proper testing, and 90% characters in 3 ingame areas. I bet its all on microsoft sql Without investment on profesional troubleshoting/optimization we need to forget about performance
  3. Servers are half population now even with all Blazing and other areas box. Just after restart all is fine, even next 1-2 days. For me its meaning that most what we need is DB optimization or by direct game code fix or DB spec to look and tune it for better performance.

    Just LoL
  5. New War

    2 years too late...

    No more game today
  7. Timed Instance recharge stones

    Why so much hate? What cheaters? If i go fight oly or join fight at dimensional siege and after this game allow me to enter time zone again its my foult or mayby its work as intend?
  8. Valakas retri standard

    Ofc its cost less atm since we finally get cursed weapon frags and claws are very rare. Anyway big gratz for lucky draw
  9. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    By destroying other jewels, for example u can exchange ring of creation for 15-16 Selenite (u will need also 15 Accesory Solvent which u can buy at Accessory Artisan Denign)
  10. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    Try the few of them and never pass over +6, but +5/6 is quite big chance.
  11. Accessory enchants and exalted XP bugged?

    In case you did it bonus on jewels not stack, so if you make Lindvior for element resist then Antharas need to be pdef or mdef.
  12. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    U need to unequip it and have it in the inventory.
  13. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    I hear that "bots" "scripts" "farmers" bla bla since years but yes cut everything make them no point to run. But also that rule applay to all "regular" and "legit" players. Cut everything is only good for ncstore not for server community.
  14. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    No, its not. Burn all vitality is less then 10 min, so rest of the week u will get half of adena drop and 0 mats. Think and count how many hours u will need to earn adena for 1 ice rose. Ofcourse we have maintain potions 24x160 nccoins a day, rich will be still rich and all others stuck with exalted eq forever.
  15. Banhammer

    1st April is in few months...
  16. Russian GMs

    What is the current temperature at Ulan Bator Mixa?
  17. Russian GMs

    Omg! Who?
  18. Russian GMs

    Some people just desperate need attention
  19. Saladyn first think what u wrote since ppl use proxy services for lower latency issues all is needed simply optimize hardware and game database
  20. Because before was a bronze friday and exp items only at black friday sales!
  21. Kaliel's Bracelet upgrade

    Bro they alredy are Item Name Description NCoin Price Crystal of Dawn A crystal infused with spirits that shines faintly. The crystal's special power can be used to upgrade an accessory. 240
  22. Yes, at least something "real" usefull promo with Destiny Pack its just very funny to put also Enchanted Scroll: Blessed Bracelet in this promo @Juji can you consider to permanently add Ice Roses to L2 Store?
  23. Dear GM’s, Can we ask for any info/updates what is going on, what is your pipe line for comming months? Condition of the game is on terrible state, its force people to solo play style, no more oportunity to farm anything in game, never ending issues with server stability and patch quality. Continue that way will make your biggest fans, spenders, farmers quit once for all. Please write us more information so we can keep a hope that L2 will be great again FoTo
  24. @Hime @Juji Guys any news about? Looks like rank buffs still not working.
  25. Kaliel's Bracelet upgrade

    Both prestige and rune up, so far almost 30h farming and even not 1 Crystal drop (enchant scroll over 100 :P)