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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I've been playing Lineage II since May 5th, 2004. That's just about one month after the North American Official Release. In this time, I've seen a constant. NC Soft does NOT care about their live player base. They care to support in game bots farming Adena while penalizing live players. Time and time again they have allowed bots and botting to infect the game while falsely claiming to "moderate" the problem. At this point, it is impossible to afford any in game gear unless you take several weeks out of leveling time in order to work the overly inflated in-game market. Unless you want to use a bottom to mid grade D weapon at 40 that is. I'm about half a pubic hairs width away from never playing another NC Soft game EVER again. Poor management of the games. Even poorer enforcement of their "official" rules. It hurts me to say this. There was a time when I was paying $75 / month on 5 accounts to play ... Now, you couldn't PAY me $75 / month to endure the pain this game inflicts.