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  1. Hey, since maintenance I have not been able to play properly at all... Keep getting DC non stop every 5-15 minutes... Deffo not a problem with my internet as my internet is stable and no problems what so ever... What the hell????? Why cant you for once sort the game out properly so people can enjoy it ...
  2. Hey @Juji @Hime Just a thought on how to reduce load on servers and hopefully reduce latency/lag: 1) Offline shops - would reduce number of connections to the server, therefore less load. 2) Set AH to accept all or more items - reduce number of toons/shops in towns, less load. 3) Reduce number of active accounts per PC/IP to 2 max. 4) Start actually hunting down bots in exp areas, as its insane how many of those are out there running around and hunting together in groups with same name just different number at the end, same class, same race and all that. These w
  3. So as usual melee lag is insane and nothing seems to have changed after this "big move". Also after restarting the game and PC, I logged in and buffs were gone (Eprerors cocktai buffs, Soup and all of them). So nothings changed for better at all. (Chronos server) A lot of people think that it might be due to ranking system and it is probably true. On day one after this big move whilst ranking system was down everything was absolutely amazing, ranks started and boom! Massive melee lag is back!
  4. Yeah... Melee lag is insanely bad... So server moved, but nothing changed...
  5. P.S. this is first time I took that Oly boost, DCs started happening towards the end of it expiring. This was the first time I actually got it and never had this problem before. Once it expired i seem to be fine now and no DC's. So maybe a bug with that buff thingy.
  6. Hi, I never have problems with such thing as DC's, but out of nowhere I suddenly started getting DCed literally 30sec-1min into playing and got like 20 DCs now in space of 5min... Changed password in case of someone trying to hack it as well as added 2nd Authenticator thingy... I dont understand what the hell is going on... Iss acc was fine no DCs nothing all good... Main keeps DCing
  7. Its impossible to play properly and exp afk whilst working. Instead of focusing on riping people off and their money, work on your servers and attracting new players. So irritating.
  8. PLEASE NC, add mass agro skill for archers! Would help a lot at farming, as skills dont target all mobs even next to each other when they should! Mass agro would really be helpful!
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