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  1. I thought this skill would be useful as AOE tank but I have been very underwhelmed. Where did you get the 2% trigger rate for armor crash? I haven't found that documented anywhere but after watching for the debuff to trigger, it feels accurate.
  2. Really? You haven't seen the new wonder woman movie?
  3. Have a CP of 3 friends. 2 archers, nuker, tank/heal/buffer. Half 106/ Half 107 with exalted gear/destiny/prestige/boss jewels. Do I just AOE at Phantasmal / Silent Valley / IT Crater / Blackbird-Atelia until I hit 110? That should take us... oh.... <sigh> a few years? Any advice for alternative locations? We play live a few hrs a day but rest is afk grinding. PVE focus. Can spend some $$$ (not crazy). Love the graphics and grinding nature of the game while having a few beers and shooting the crap with my friends. Thanks.
  4. Any level requirements for a full party for the above instances? Can these be done w/ a full party of 106 / 107's?
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