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  1. Constant Disconnects

    I have 2 accounts running and I'm constantly being disconnected. Sometimes only 1 account, sometimes both simultaneously disconnect. Sometimes i disconnect within 15 minutes sometimes in 3 hours. Reinstalled the game, tried running through a VPN, reset router etc, but nothing fixed it. The game has almost become unbearable.
  2. Hey Everyone! So after a 3-4 month break i logged back onto my two characters and started some farming (FYI i had to install the new launcher). What i do is: a. Log into launcher with account A. Open Lineage 2 and select Character b. Log out of launcher and then log into account B. Open Lineage 2 and select Character c. Party them up then start some farming What is happening is really strange. Randomly one of my accounts will get logged out during my farming. Sometimes its within 10 minutes of both accounts being up, sometimes its 4-5 hours later. I have no clue what is going on. Sometimes its account a that will disconnect, sometimes its b. Never have both accounts been logged out at the same time, and it seems that when having just one account active/online the disconnect never occurs. I am not getting emails regarding someone trying to log into my account either. Resolution attempts: a. Reinstall launcher b. Reinstall game c. Low quality mode Can anyone please help? Its really frustrating and i just want to play without disruption. My PC: AMD 3700x GTX1080 16GB DDR4 @ 3400mhz Thanks
  3. Thanks for ruining the server

    Grumpy Muppet.. how fitting. Cry cry cry... At the previous rates you would never get out of NG / DG... Just shush-up and go play.
  4. Adena !! :D

    Could be mate. But we need to be sure!!!!! Give with one hand, take with another.
  5. Adena !! :D

    @Juji hey mate. Can you confirm that Kr33Pz is talking nonsense please? Cheers
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.10.2018

    VIP = Coins = Mats... That's why spoils have been nerfed and Dwarfs become irrelevant.
  7. Hi All, Lets be honest. The nerfs to adena/loot/spoil rates were 100% by design.. it was actually a great idea that 2-3 years ago, they would have gotten away with. Nerfing adena was to force people to buy SS from the shop and likely, force users into buying gear through L2 shop when they are inevitably released. Spoil rates and loot drops were nerfed to increase the value of 'silver coins' thus enticing players to buy VIP3/4 and earn materials that way. What we have now is a Lineage 2 that is broken, where progression walls exists as players simply cannot gear up even when using the shop to supplement SS. These predatory actions implemented by NCSoft/West arent new. We only need to look back to the Destiny 2 XP throttling and Battlefront 2 lootbox fiasco's to realise developers and publishers are becoming more daring and cunning in their monetization schemes! NCsoft/NCWest decided to force players into spending money before inevitably hitting a progression wall, and whilst perhaps not as obvious as Destiny 2 or Battlefront 2, it is still just as insidious. I want to congratulate all those who voiced their concerns against these predatory actions. Those who chose, rather than to be silent, to make their anger, their frustration and disappointment heard. We had the proverbial wool pulled over our eyes prior to release, with patch notes saying absolutely nothing about the nerfs (this is what annoys me the most). Many of us played at release and understand how amazing Lineage 2 is and what Lineage 2 Classic could have been. We have been left unbelievably frustrated and saddend that greed took priority over providing a good, fun and authentic experience. Maybe things will change, maybe NCSoft/West will continue their predatory monetization schemes, but if they do, they can expect a mass exodus reminiscent of Bless Online. Keep fighting the good fight boys. Corporate greed should never be accepted. Tetsuo.
  8. Bless 2.0??? The game is done. It is completely unplayable in its current state. You cant even afford to run SS unless you buy them from the shop. "You were the chosen one NCWest! It was said you would that you would revive Lineage 2 not destroy it. Bring balance to the MMORPG genre, not LEAVE IT IN DARKNESS"
  9. The problem is greed... Absolutely nothing else. How much can NCSoft/NCWest milk from the community before mass exodus.... What this company is doing is CRIMINAL!!!!
  10. RIP.... Lineage 2 Classic is nothing BUT A SCUM!!!!!!!!!
  11. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    Its quite simply really. If rates arent fixed people will hit a progression wall around C grade especially if they werent able (or smart enough) to upgrade their weapon first. Right now the game hamstrings progression much more severely than it did back in 2004/2005. I could run SS, Pots and save to upgrade to Brig armor. Now you cant even run SS without worrying (unless you buy through the shop ofcourse). The shady, predatory practices implemented into Classic are by design, fleecing money from gamers full well knowing they still wont have the means to progress gear wise and thus content wise. I suspect D/C/B grade armor sets to be released to the store soon once those remaining become desperate! The game will be a ghost town in 2-3 months if NCSoft/NCWest greed prevails.. There will still be bonuses for CEO's but redundancy for the actual workers.
  12. The game will quickly die out as people start to hit walls due to the nerfed adena and drop rates... FFS you cant even run POTS and SS! I'm pretty certain being in B grade areas whilst you're still wearing NG/D grade gear will be a miserable experience. Hime and Juji again gone silent. No information from their overlords.... Just bleed the gamers dry a little longer, before they all realise the predatory nature of Lineage 2 Classic!
  13. If this is true ..

    Step 1. Nerf Adena/drop rates Step 2. Force people to buy through Lineage 2 store. Step 3. Profit
  14. Analysis takes time. Profitability of nerfed rates VS Player spend Vs Player retention Profitability of normal rates Vs player spend Vs Player retention What is best? Money upfront whilst hemorrhaging playerbase OR money over a longer duration whilst maintaining a playerbase.. Its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$ My bet is the former will win. To these greedy companies, its all about quick cash injection rather than the larger picture.
  15. The Great Wall

    100% on the money. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand the adena/drop/spoil nerf, whilst perhaps not having massive implications right now at lower levels, will begin to compound as players move up level brackets. The shortsightedness and greed on NCSoft/NCWests behalf beggars belief... What do i want? I want to pay $15 per month to play and enjoy classic as it once was. I dont want this Frankenstein piece of trash designed to fleece gamers out of their hard earnt money!!!!! And again, radio silence from Juji and Hime..... No communication on the issue, just some 'we are talking to the devs' bs.