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  1. i did mistake when i buy Prestige pack yesterday, when i take out the Vit mainting rune and its seems also mistake when i choose this server to play!! There is no week without problem!!
  2. I also have DC within 1-2 hour, so annoying!!!!!
  3. Lagg still dominate the game!!!! It's not shame to admit that you can't fix things and you need much more time to solve the issues. I aggre with it, if you need 1 month break ore more to do a playable server.
  4. Dear developers! Can you make switchable that ugly yellow contour around the target? pls
  5. Hi Guys! Here i have a bunch of anoying freezing for seconds and 2 dc within an hour. Nc Launcer mostly just loading timless when i try to log back to NA server. Others have the same problem. Can you fix something? Thanks!!
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