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  1. This is why I left this trash game, I only login to chat with friends and clan members. The game end when you hit 99, these instances are made for rich players.
  2. New Fortress

    Of course, clan level and fortresses are impossible to get, because its coming soon to L2Store! No one wonder this game is dead, its run by idiots!
  3. does it worth to start l2??

    Its not worth it and a waste of time, the game is not fun anymore and very stressful. The minute you hit level 99, the game is over for you. Credit card players will kill you with half a shot, no one will invite you to instances such as kama unless you have top gear, no way to make adena, exp is a joke and raid drops are cosmetic trash such as modify scroll, l2store is not cheap, adena from bots is not cheap, items ingame are not cheap. Think of it as a private server but 100 times worse!
  4. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    All old clans are almost full and no new clans are being created. Slots are reserved for active players only, all inactive and causal players are kicked from clans or soon to be kicked. Fortresses & clan hall sieges were the solution for small clans who will never siege a castle or get a town clanhall, now u messed it up and 90% of fortresses/clanhalls are now empty! * Increase clan slots! * Increase the amount of CRP we gain from quests! * Remove the limits on the amount clan quests rewards! * Fix the overpowered NPC's in Fortresses! Adena is another serious problem you need to look into, the only way to make adena is to buy it from bots or l2store! You can easily fix the adena problem with good drops from instance raid bosses! Good drops from instance raid bosses will give us a huge spike in activity and a great boost in economy, bots cant farm it 24/7 because its daily instances, not open field!