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  1. Fine, we're actually grinding our post counter, and you ?
  2. I prefer a free Zero-G plane experience
  3. Or a free Chronicle Pack for our buff boxes ?
  4. It's not the same ! I'll drive to the garage and asks to the skilled personnal to repair it, like here, we asked to the devs to resolve the problem I couldn't be that clear !
  5. Is there a way to buy some official Lineage 2 goodies as T-Shirts, etc ? I saw some elpies on the livestream, they were too cute !
  6. Stop bitching like a princess. If you had to refund for everything that doesnt work as expected whatever the game you planned to buy, then you'll don't play anymoar. Just wait them to fix the main issue to provide you the best quality you ever found, or maybe you'd rather to play on a bugued server ? hmm
  7. Tell me where did i QQ'd here please? You can read all the forums, you won't find anything :), sry for ya
  8. And it's my time to shit on your QQ about the delay
  9. RivaL-


    Je vais devoir aller pioncer aussi ! J'fais l'aprem toute la semaine et ma poupée est à l'hopital ... Et j'ai signé mon cdi lundi, voilà voilà
  10. RivaL-


    La meute ! hahaha
  11. What about a job and a social life btw ?
  12. RivaL-


    T'es venu avec qui ? ^^
  13. RivaL-


    Tu ris, mais l'Elemental Summoner est putain d'op sur Classic ! Pour avoir joué sur des privés classic tel que Pandora, Europa et Zaken, j'peux te dire que ça poutre du cul sévère ! Dire que j'avais une Paagrio Axe +10 avec un talisman baium et une feoh Lv8 super sur mon necro sur Zaken, j'suis deg haha J'vais partir sur SPH + SE, fait un WL et on va s'amuser lol
  14. RivaL-


    Non, tu dois les acheter à Hardin ou au Grocery. Et putain, stop faire des classes OP shlagito !
  15. stun banana is still funny to use tho lol
  16. To be simple: BD: Offensive SwS: Defensive Make your choice
  17. Well, i see a bunch of dumbs ppl who loves to play a bugued game. Wait them to resolve it to provide us the best L2 Classic experience ever, stop being stupid.
  18. Since it's GMT +1, yes, it fits better for EU players mate.
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