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  1. glhf les mecs On vient de me chuchotter dans l'oreille que 3laxys a déjà scam votre whc sans même être ingame, que nashoba a déjà vendu son sb et qu'ovy a déjà chinois 500 en se fumant un petit zdar ! LOL cc Sapike & Ir3nicus @chozeN
  2. I sent you a friend request on Discord buddy
  3. Hi, I'm looking for an international casual clan who's axed on pve/pvp I'm from belgium and i speak french and english. I'm hesitating between Warlord and Sorceror, i love to aoe party. I can play only 3hrs per day cuz of work and family. reply here if you are interested Thanks !
  4. I am from Belgium, and i tried Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla, and it still doesnt work Ok, i tried the language technique, and it worked well ! Thanks for the hint buddy. Greetings from a Belgian player (and probably the only one here ahaha)
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