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  1. It is one of the worst servers I have played since 2004. The adena penalty that it has is incredible.
  2. hard? I'm 45 practically without playing ... just to do quest and play at least 1 or 2 hours per day and level up. The only difficult thing about this Lineage is the adena ..
  3. I'm tired of you, I'm really tired of waiting 8 hours to play ... even when they're going to treat us like idiots?
  4. It seems you do not understand my point ... I'll explain it 3 times. Anyway, good luck with your 200 accounts.
  5. First, I have VIP 3 in a single account .. it seems that the only thing that interests you is the pocket of others. The maximum allowed by IP, should be 2. second. you are the ones that congest the login .. a single person that uses 10 accounts. pff .. ridiculous. regardless if you paid for them or not ..
  6. it happens to me exactly the same, I can not leave the character for more than 30 min in a city because it disconnects me.
  7. I say it and I keep it .. a game that's too good for this type of company ... it does not deserve it
  8. when you tell them something that bothers them, they ban you. the truth is that the are pathetic.
  9. they have to put a limit of buying and selling in the AH
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