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  1. Thank you very much for the advice,, I'm currently running 3 accounts as I'm sure everyone is and my cousin with 3 so we just want the best lay out got auto hunt for when we can't sit and play.
  2. Thanks guys, nice to get a reply and ye I've seen the guy in youtube, not sure I'm ready to be skinned alive by the wife for spending 1000s on a game haha.
  3. Hi everyone, so I'm just in need of advice for the best layout for level grinding with my archer accessory wise. 2 rings 2 earrings and a neck, dyes and any other advanges that will allow me to enter the 101 areas a little safer than the starter gear. Thanks Sam
  4. Hi all, So me and my cousin have rejoined and alot seems to have changed! We were wondering what's the best group combo for leveling as we plan on making a few accounts to assist potentially between 4 and 6 I guess 1 iss and 1 healer but which and what damage dealers? Thanks
  5. Hi all. So as the title says me and my cousin are returning players and we played when spoiling was a thing! That however seems to have changed and it's now all integrated into on skill, now my question is as a lv100 where are the best placed to plunder now and going forwards? Thanks
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