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  1. Hey, so I'm traveling and will be in Siem Reap, Cambodia at the time of the siege. Any players from that location that can suggest an internet cafe with Lineage 2 installed?
  2. Solo Mage Farm 50+

    Also, Carinkain in forest of mirrors (right behind the spawn spot) are good to farm for Clear Mind spellbook. You just have to avoid the 2x Taik orc captains which are aggro.
  3. Solo Mage Farm 50+

    I find the basiliscs at Outlaw forest quite nice to farm. There's a lot of them, with good respawn rate and they drop spellbooks and weapon blades. I'm also looking for suggestion on utilization of CDL (enchanted valley, TOI maybe?).
  4. Favorite Class and Why?

    Spellhowler. I like aoe farming. Pvp is also fun when you don't get focused :). And you can also solo farm if you don't have a party (by solo I mean with SE - not going anywhere without it :D).
  5. This is a ridiculously stupid feature. Currently there's a race between lvl 1 characters at 50+ bosses on who will hit it first and get loot rights. It's so much fun to run with 100 people to a boss and see a lvl 1 character hit it infront of you. And then when you kill the boss you don't have the right to loot. Simply amazing...
  6. Sieges for Christmas.

    Also, sieges will keep the player's interest and motivate them to play more and stay in the server. If they're released too late, many players will get bored or discouraged. In my opinion, the more active players there are, the better .
  7. I feel like the majority of the active population on the server is in the 45-60 level range. The new weekend boost will bring the average level even higher. It would be awesome to see the first siege before the Christmas holidays. People have more free time to play during this time of the year too. What do you guys think?
  8. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    Very well said. I'm level 5x in full C grade and I play only after work and during the weekends. I use Spiritshots C grade all the time (BSSC only in pvp) and I don't teleport anywhere but run and use /loc and soe. I can't believe the amount of complaining that happens on this forum... The game is far from perfect but it's really not as bad as most people on the forum portray it to be.
  9. First Weapon to buy on a Scavenger

    I think it would be better for you to go step by step. Get a mid D weap first and then start accumulating money for a top D. I think it's cheapest if you craft it so choose a weapon and buy/farm the parts and mats for it. I find https://lineage.pmfun.com/ very useful for information on drops and weapon stats. PS. Don't forget the level 25 moon armor quest.
  10. Game is fun!

    Most of the topics here are about complaining and quitting the game. I'm personally having a lot of fun with the game. Yes, there are many issues that need to be addressed. There are plenty of bots and bleeped up rates but they don't ruin it for me. I wanted to get back to the good old days when I played Lineage the most (C3 to Interlude) and this is exactly what i got. I have a 9 to 6 job but have a lot of fun with the daily mission, dungeon, rb's and pvp every day. It is possible to keep up even if you don't play all day. I'm currently level 51 in full C grade (except 1 ring). Don't other people feel the same and enjoy the game for what it is?
  11. PK system is far too punishing currently. It is great that they are introducing PK scrolls. I'm tired of KS'ers who feel invincible because of the flawed system. This is far from a perfect solution, but it is a solution nontheless.
  12. Hello. I've noticed that the server population is decreasing. I think fortresses and sieges should be introduced to the game as soon as possible. The main reason I play Lineage 2 is the pvp and I believe this is the case for a lot of players. Having to grind for 6 months before you go to your first fortress/castle siege will be discouraging to many people. I understand that the population is underleveled and undergeared to conquer a castle. I think there are 2 solutions that can address this problem: 1. Introduce castle sieges but make the NPC's guarding them weaker according to the server population's current state. 2. Introduce fortresses before castles that are made accessible by lower level/geared people. Since there are plenty of fortresses in the game, both the hardcore and casual clans can compete for them and have fun. I don't see why these features should be postponed since they are the most fun part of the game. Having those will keep the interest of many players. I love Lineage 2 and I'm having a blast on this server so far. However, I can't wait to go on a siege and I believe it will be fun for most people to see them sooner.
  13. Abyss Boss - Dragonblood

    Killed him on sph with a lot of struggle. No drop and almost no exp...
  14. [Spellbook farm helper]

    This is really well made. Thank you for sharing :).
  15. Good fights :). It was more fun than I expected with just 3 people. Lets not forget we also had audience (Monitta) for the last match :D.