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  1. This will never happen. There are more “professional” solutions that would potentially fix the issue. This would be an inconvenience to many players and cause more harm than good.
  2. You do realize even offline stores connect to the database and cause traffic on the server. Simply having offline stores won’t do away with the problem of server max capacity. It’s really just a convenience for the user to not have useless boxes. Has this ever been a feature on official servers to reduce server traffic? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. True that. Grinding in catacombs is awesome xp and a great way to make adena with the 7 signs event. However, I hate being cursed when your side loses. They may not do it simply because it’s bot heaven for both leveling and manipulating the events.
  4. Really there’s aren’t many high levels. I’d say at the most a very low percentage of the players are level 50s range. Therefore, play what you think will be the most fun. Blade dancers are a great choice because they are a key role in any archer or Mage aoe party, and you can solo them pretty well with minimal buffs. An SK may also be a valuable asset to aoe parties, but I think blade dancer will be more sought after in the current chronicle. I myself enjoy blade dancer because they’re just plain bad ass.
  5. Lineage 2 has always been a Windows only game. It will not work on Linux or Mac OS. If it did, it would be a completely separate client, but I doubt that will ever happen. Now maybe you can run it through a virtual machine but I’m not sure what kind of performance you would have. Also, you should be able to copy the folder. I know in older versions this worked fine for multiple instances or computers. However, that may have changed now.
  6. @Hime with players nearing and reaching level 40+ the adena rates on those mobs should be reviewed with priority. If it’s intended to be how it is, then please release a statement on the subject to clarify. There was a screenshot floating around of mobs with 10 level difference, and the higher level ones which had more hp modifiers dropped the same adena or less than the lower level ones. Thanks!
  7. They do things to prevent it, but it’s a constant battle. When anti bot is updated there’s people figuring out how to bypass it. It’s constantly updated, and constantly bipassed — it’s been the cycle since the game released. To pay someone a wage just to sit in the game and ban adena sellers is pointless. Companies fully automate creating an account, character, and logging in to spam. They should add chat block until a certain level, but manually fighting them isn’t realistic. Also, teleport fees would help. Pay 2 play model would help a lot with the issues, but in the end you can’t
  8. If you don’t enjoy playing, then stop playing. Of course it’s a grind, it’s classic. There are live servers if you want a more fast paced experience. Quit complaining.
  9. They call her Big Booty because she got a big booty.
  10. Agree there should be level restrictions on private messages and chat channels. It’s so annoying you can’t read anything in town. I get there is a mute button but by then the damage is done. There should also be stronger chat filters which detect www websites and adena sell in the context.
  11. I agree price is pretty steep. If a mob drops 75-150 adena that’s the cost of one or two beast ss. But I think if you look at it in terms of there’s only one grade, then in late game the price is more on par with C or B shots. We will have to wait for summoners to get the create skill and start selling before there’s a good deal. Either way, it sucks for anyone pre 40 that’s not a summoner.
  12. You do realize it’s between a 1 in 5,000 and 1 in 10,000 chance for full weapon drops from normal mobs.. if everyone had full weapons in 3 hours of play time there would be no economy. Welcome to Lineage 2!
  13. Lol dude your #1, 2, and 5... No bots are currently allowed. No adena selling is currently allowed. And active GM should already be a thing but it’s probably not. People will still bot, sell adena, and multibox using virtual machines or proxies. NCSOFT can’t do shit about any of that and it’s been that way for 15 years. You will have better luck on a priv server. Official is official, there’s no special variations of it like this.
  14. Guys, there’s something called scripts that bots run. They are a capable of automatically bypassing captcha checks, auto leveling 1-40, and whatever else you code them for. Honestly, just learn to live with the bots. They always have and always will continue to be here, especially on a free to play server. Otherwise you may as well quit cause it’s just going to be added stress. Also, I hate to say it but you won’t beat them — just ask everRed. It’s a business, not a game to them, and they don’t care about you they just here to make money.
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