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  1. Thanks for the responses all, very helpful!
  2. Hi all, I used to play on the Gustin server many years ago, I had a lv78 Cardinal by the time I left the game back in...2009 I think. Since hearing of the classic server launch, I've been excited to get back into a game that I enjoyed so much all those years ago, but it looks like things have changed somewhat since then, so perhaps someone could fill me in on a few things? - What is Skelth? I've seen lots of mentions of this EU classic server (and being from the UK) I was interested in finding out more. From what I've found, this is a private EU classic server? - It looks like there's a lot of speculation about the classic server being for NA players only - does anyone have any official confirmation on this? I used to play on Gustin because I had friends there, despite it being a NA server. The ping never seemed to affect my gameplay, so this won't bother me for the classic server either I suspect. - A lot has changed since I quit the game, I've got a busy full-time job, I've got married, and had a child. This means that I'll only really be able to play 1-2 hours a night, including weekends sadly. So it's very unlikely that I'll be taking part in siege battles and the Olympiad. Is anyone else in a similar situation to me? My wife will be joining me in returning to Lineage II, by pure chance, she used to play the game too on a different server - something we didn't know about each other when we first met! We're looking to play very casually for the nostalgia, and hoping to find people in the same boat. - Anything else that's changed that I should know about? I'm sure I had another question to ask... but it escapes me. Thanks in advance for anyone who decides to fill me in!