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  1. 41 OL LF CP

    on talking island server. LF CP and clan (obviously since i am a OL). send me a message on here or reply to post. thanks!
  2. 3 LF Clan

    So far we have a 36 elf wiz, 32 human rogue, and 30 orc shaman looking for a English speaking clan. We are on TI server. We play every night and we are very active. Please let us know! Thank you!
  3. 3 LF Clan

  4. best trio for fastest leveling

    thats all for the great input so far!
  5. 3 LF Clan

    we have at least 3 of us looking for a clan. very experienced players from original L2. classes will be Overlord, Spellsinger, and either a Hawkeye or spellsinger. We will all have a buffer alt as well. Also might have a Bishop and a Gladi joining us as well but waiting for them to confirm. we are looking for a clan making a push to level, to have fun, and to take on this awesome grind. we will be playing everyday for at least 3+ hrs on the low side. please let me know clan name and leader name and we will get back with you. thanks!
  6. which trio that includes a dominator would you suggest for fastest leveling?