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  1. WTB Plated Leather Gaiter Material x5 (100k each) Pm here or in game "Zeep
  2. Zeep

    WTB LXB+++

    WTB Light CrossBow +6+7+8 or ++ pm here in forum, or mail-pm in game "Zeep "Haiat
  3. WTB Ring Of Seal Gemstone (key top C jewel) x22 Pm here or in game "Zeep // or mail payment x25k each
  4. WTB SpellBook: Death Whisper Pm here in forum or game "Zeep "Zato "FoxyLady
  5. Archer cp are looking for BD and WC 40+ Prime Time 22:00hs - 03:00hs GMT -3 Pm here or in game "FoxyLady "Zato "Zeep Language/Idioma : ENG/ESP
  6. Thx for reading. And listen to the community. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/8188-wednesday-1411/
  7. 1) The Halloween event ends and: 2) Gatekeeper back to normal. (Ppl 41+ pay for teleport) --> This is believed that is correct? When never fixed point 3? 3) Adena quantity, drop of item, and the loot rate will be increased in: --> (?????????) Hunter Valley Alligator Island Timak Outpost Sea Of Spored Ivory Tower Crater Outlaw Forest Forest Of Evil DRAGON VALLEY !! I think the staff need analyze the situation.. @Hime @Juji
  8. WTS CURSED MANGUCHE +3 2kk or offert WTT CURSED MANGUCHE+3 FOR REINFORCED LONGBOW+3 or +0 + adenas. Pm/Mail here o ingame "Zeep
  9. Zeep


    It's true ! Need fix spot 40+ fast ! is the same on AI ! Krators info l2 wiki: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Krator @Juji @Hime
  10. WTB DARK ELVEN BOW (mail on price "Zeep
  11. WTB DARK ELVEN BOW // ELVEN BOW (Mail on price "Zeep SV: Talking Island
  12. It would be good a new section dedicated ONLY for trade in forum..
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