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  1. Tested and found the same result. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine Anyone can check?
  2. Hurricane Shackle is an Active skill, you need target any enemy to use because it's not a self buff. Try use in your macro.
  3. @iHyperlite I guess he r trying craft lvl 1 with no LUC.
  4. 95 Luc 20 clicks 1 fail 66 Luc 20 Clicks 9 fail
  5. Check patch notes - birthday update of L2 in Korean forum.
  6. Time needed change. because new update added Dethrone and TOI mid-floors. Chronos and Naia now need to keep similar time in events.
  7. First, you'll need reach 110 level on main class. Everything else depends on how much you intend to spend on the game.
  8. I hope that nothing. A lot of people need to use this accessorys in game. This custom NA/Japanese system need changes.
  9. TYVM NCWest for this update and good events. Good job!
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