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  1. Read the link Hime gave till the end... there is a list mate but without percentages
  2. HAHAHAHAHA bro you made my day!
  3. Nai file mou kane mou pm in game idio name
  4. Exoume kanei international clan lvl 2 atm tha paei 3 soon, exw idio name me edw sto forum in game kane mou pm gia na milhsoume.
  5. Mate let me set you straight cause you are delusional as hell. Zero plans: We had a plan since day one, we changed the plan cause Neph was crying and begging how other mages cp are far ahead from them and how Clan should help them out with D weapons ( did it happen? yes! did i sell all my solo drops from 3 days in stakato to help them? Yes! Did i force the whole clan to help them? Yes again! What did Neph promise in return? 24/7 hours farming for getting the money back + books farming for whole clan etc, Did it happen? No, Did we take even 1 adena back? No, did we get any books? No either, cau
  6. Bro dont talk you even scammed clan wh or you gonna say it was all your mats? kappa mode go learn your facts and dont talk bullshit in forum if you dont know what happened.
  7. 1-2 agree 3 what happens for ppl that payed already 3 accounts? My idea is to have juji open another server with 1)free transfers from other servers 2) free 5-10% extra exp for all who do the transfer to motivate people actually going there, could think about more options but that is a fast way solving things.
  8. at 4 pks i had around 6.5k karma so....
  9. @Jujii saw what you did there replying 1 then removing post in just seconds
  10. Recruitment is open Looking for CP's and EE/BP pm me in game or here!
  11. UP looking for EE/BP for Main CP gmt +1 19:00-23:00/00:00 pm me in game or here
  12. UP still looking for ee/bp/bd to fix some cps
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