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  1. Received coins (100) a while ago and that's been it. the last few hours have been no coins even with the ticket on well into the time "If you didn’t win, you will receive 100 Oriana’s Coins for participating. " - i've not one since reset and only have 100 coins on each of my chars. thats at least 7 hours of coins, 700 coins per char, and only received 100. Either your text is wrong or the issues are still happening.
  2. some of them like the advanced have no time limit on them.
  3. second hour now, on 5 different toons w/ ticket active, and no coins. 1000 coins total that im missing now. what is the issue? says "reward for all" which is if you dont win you still get 100 coins and i have 0 attainable awards on all chars. @Juji
  4. mine went up significantly it seems. 8th before reset i was 107 and 64.14%, 11th (after GM event buffs and more soloing in crater) I was 108. my chart below and my own calculations. go ahead big brains... https://imgur.com/a/cKLU1PG 107 64.17& 7 dec @ 0611 107 68.63 8 dec @ 0547 107 71.12 8 dec @ 2003 107 74.3 9 dec @ 0545 107 75.6584 9 dec @ 1126 107 78.5678 9 dec @ 2300 107 79.8584 10 dec @ 0637 107 81.1218 10 dec @ 0905 (after solo castilla and IT, sitting soloing tanor canyon) 107 81.6510 10 dec @ 1105 (solo tanor canyon w/ oop ol buffs, no rose just event
  5. I just recently came back to the game about a month ago, and my old clan had moved to Chronos from Naia over the years I was gone. Is there a plan to open these transfers back up? Thanks! @Juji
  6. im kind of in the same boat as rangur. my buff pet, a now 103 iss sws, has a lock icon next to the AP menu. hoving over it tells me to go to joachim or raina in TI. neither let me MAKE a subclass to turn into a dual any help woudl be great!
  7. So never took a subclass on my buffer or dwarf. Just came back after a few years off, how can i get a dual class on them? i have no idea what questline i'm supposed to take now
  8. Is there going to be a new xp event soon? Was nice coming back after 4+ years and blowing past 99 and almost to 105 in a few days (came back the 18th). Thanks!
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