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  1. UP! Looking for TANK only. pm/mail me ingame
  2. Hello. Is there any possibility that some day we will finnaly get event for changing main class (or switch with dual class)? Some years ago here was a lot of questions about this, but maybe something changed?)))
  3. Our CP looking for:DD (Feoh or Archer)Lvl 102+Minimum requirements:+10 r99 blessed/bloody/dark set+12 Bloody/Dark weaponLongingAbundance lvl 1Anakim Tali+7 pve/pvp/def cloakBrooch jewels lvl 3 (sapph/ruby, diamond, obsidian, etc)Basic epic jewerly (soul aq, soul baium etc.)Mandatory :Active in Clan/CP EventsEnglish SpeakingTS3Playtime 21:00-00:00 GMT+2/Wednesday and Sutterday Free daysNot emo kidNo trash talkRespect to leadership/cp members/clan membersFor more info pm/mail me or Beltway/ChillOut (ingame or forum)
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