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  1. I didn't know this existed, now I'm worried, this is so unnecessary...
  2. Shots are completely ok, but mats is a big thing, we'll have to see, possibly a lot of player will have easy gear if they pay up, still doesn't stop me from playing my own game as I still expected, but some players will have a lot of edge to set the pacing of the server with those, shots are just people crying for no reason, they are untradeable, do you think everyone is gonna buy shots for real money? c'mon... dwarves still 200% core...
  3. Because live servers isn't "lineage" a long time ago, it's just a theme parked fiesta with lineage graphics.
  4. "Oh nooo I'm a ranged character with a trillions advantages over melee characters!! oh noo, I got one "disadvantage" I'm so worthless now!!" said no one ever in old lineage, you could skip adena drops if they were too low, or you could keep grinding like the usual, no one complained about that, it was a fun and rewarding feeling to kill stuff and see the drops, or even pick it up from other players when you were a poor newbie, there are practical interactions and decisions to make (unless it starts to lag the server).
  5. "everytime" as if you're gonna be leveling like high-rate private garbage LOL, only during low levels you'll need to move to town a bit often, this has always been part of the old days of lineage, you could decide if you wanted to go back or continue grinding, this has always been a core gameplay design, there is a reason why every town has guild masters all around, they're not there for decoration. And, it isn't "QoL", it actually changes some dynamics of the game... if all I had to do is click on mobs and pvp then why don't they just give me top D, top C, top B just to click on different
  6. And keep looping macro, thanks!!! But specially, let's have the actual classic experiece interacting in the city (guild masters and store npcs), there are almost 0 interactions in the cities now (too much free stuff)...
  7. The classic "I care more about other people's experience rather than my own".
  8. Hmmm, easy answer, no. Not even for adenas, aren't we supposed to play on CLASSIC? Why do people suggest things that weren't part from its integrity, it's a key experience from the game, this is not a QoL feature or positive change, it's just denying the interaction with the game, even if if takes "more time", it's part of the process, people also have the option to leave the adena if they think it's worth it to pick up, that has always been a thing in oldschool Lineage.
  9. So, I've been watching a lot of playthroughs from EU classic to stay updated about the upcoming classic server, everything looks cool, the grind feels great, it brings a lot of the same old content with many QoL improvements from the lastest updates. But let's talk about how much stuff they are giving for players during early game, which results in rushed content and broken immersion from its original design. For example: so many buff scrolls, quests for gear, so much soulshots like 18.000k free SSD? One of the best parts from old Lineage is that you had to interact with the NPCs stores t
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