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  1. still better than to sale the ncoins for Adena still if let’s say ncoins cost 13m each then with the thing I opened I still made a decent profit not much but hey it’s a Profit still….
  2. So that’s why Brazilian ppl scamm that much huh?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0vCr41sSDc
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0vCr41sSDc
  5. German store has all 20% maybe u can try buying from there if that’s possible
  6. Wondering exactly the same when on one hand ncoin purchase is the same for some reason 100 dollar and 100 usd… someone from Europe need to pay more than someone from us in order to get the same thing but on the other hand prestige pack is 15 usd and we pay 13 euro or something like that can’t quite understand it would be nice if we would pay the same as US in euro currency…. @Hime @Juji
  7. Even if they unban the restrictions about country’s u still had to make at least a character in L2M in order to get the rune…. So sadly that boat already sailed away
  8. Well… the Game is made in a way that if u can’t afford to put any money into it u can’t progress it is what it is and it has been like that for many years you know it and we know it…. Complaining in every post isn’t gonna make anything yeah I would like to get a free house and a free car but that’s not the world we live in, however as we all can see past month we had free blessed exalted items and runes like 1 month vitality for anyone lv110 and less DK class came out the same time and ppl are already 112 lvl on that new class…. Ncsoft gives freebies as you can see oh and don’t forget th
  9. The giveaway ends on Thursday, October 28 at 3 p.m. Pacific. Winners will be selected and announced on Friday, October 29. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? @Sunshine @Juji @Hime
  10. @Jujilike all above me said the limit should be removed!!!
  11. Yes it’s worth it u have more hp, 15% more pve Dmg and the drop and adena runes and the exp one ofc so yeah you need em if you willing to really play like draecke said
  12. It’s really simple mate like other ppl above me already said we are staying at BS and use SS - BSS cuz we want to lvl up as fast as possible, the game does really start at about 110lvl there are no drops apart from raids but you need a clan to do them, the only field drops are some items like ether for crafting some items etc but srsly like other said you cannot depend on those in order to get gear etc…my advise is if you have the vitality maintain tune make your main and dual 105 in that 7 days with nonstop auto farm after that go at least 107 so that u can do dailies if you have luck and pp
  13. *Fafurion come out we just wanna talk* xNymue Chronos
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