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  1. Okay, so they decided to do it to fight against bots? I don't feel like these restrictions are normal. I found a clan where I could join without chatting but it so stupid. I remember when I played about 15 years ago in Lineage 2 with x1 or x3 rates and I joined noob clans where we could go for 23-25 lvl Raid Bosses. We also were farming in party and all we need is to type in general chat in any town that we are going to go there and kill those guys. These rules are don't seem to have fun in the game...
  2. Lol. So funny. I asked about chat restrictions but I see a reply that this is wrong game for me and I should go and play another mmorpg. Well.. Maybe you are right. This game is too "old" in comparision with other games where chat is available and lots of parties with live players and not with bots or buffers in background window.
  3. I started to play few days ago but I can't type anything in chat. I was 21 lvl and system said that I need to be 25 lvl or above to use it. Okay. I lvled up to 25 and want to find a party or a noob clan to do Raid Bosses and grind in party. When I tried to type something in general chat to show my message as white, I received "General chat cannot be used by users 29 lvl or lower". ARE YOU SERIOUS? I want to find party to play with and I can't even join a clan because I can' whisper to clan leaders. I don't want to play alone in MMORPG. How to use chat? I play on "Talking Island" and there are
  4. Really... This is silly. I started playing few days ago. Got 22 lvl and couldn't type anything in chat. I received "Players 24 lvl and lower can't use chat". Okay. I increased my lvl to 25 and wanted to ask somebody to make party or go on low-level raid bosses. BUT I RECEIVED THAT MESSAGE AGAIN BUT NOW I HAVE TO BE 30 LVL AND ABOVE! I don't want to play in this game alone and I want to find party. I can't even join the clan because almost all of them ask to PM to Clan Leader but I can't because I'm 25 lvl. How to chat and how to leave at least white messages? It's not even funny to grind in so
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