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  1. Hello there, is it bannable action to trade adena from (example) Giran to Talking Island servers or the opposite? Thanks in advance
  2. They wont fix that, like everything
  3. pmfun nothing to do with classic, https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/657822/
  4. Well, hello there.. Seems like noone wants to fight BR this time since they got a zerg, am I right? I and my party will do a try to organize an alliance so we can kick few BR asses on the server and create some action on it. So, Vigilance recruiting groups of 5 people+ to join our clan, if you're BR don't even try to, mostly looking for EU people/parties and 45+ lvls. If you're interesting of that, I challenge you to give it a try, pm or mail me in game "SoiL (I prefer mails cause I may miss the pms). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw5nv70ZcFg That was our last siege in club server as D
  5. I'll start enchanting my Yaksa mace, prepare a yaksa for me please, dunno why refined-solid enchants exists then
  6. Cause I've been in a leadership with 200+ people same as the enemy side was, it's not that easy as you imagine especially in a server full of BR's, you have to be there 24/7, no thanks.
  7. Well, just wondering when the transfers will open cause I guess we made a mistake joining TI instead of Giran. In TI there are just bots and PVE nothing more, a BRZERG farming all day all RB's and there's noone that wanna fight them. We can't just leave our chars there which we spend few money for VIP 3-4 and start new ones. So any admin may answer if there will be transfer in near future?
  8. Ye right, we're not even close, seems like they just exist to announce poor maintenances with 5h downtime and that's it.
  9. Way too many bots and are not even hiding, it's a problem but as @Zace said. Also guess why they choosing Ant nest and dlvling the toons when they see light blue the mobs.. Watching almost everyday bots dlvling to areas that got mobs next to teleport. It's called NCSoft good job man, I wish I never knew about that "official" opening
  10. The thing is that you don't need 30m exp here, don't know why but it doesn't go with classic rates also database, it's totally different, NCsoft thinks doing better
  11. This is a mess mix from 4 kind of patches, I wonder how "2.0" will be.. No cap at 70, alright I was expecting that, like anything else they've said except L2STORE works as they said
  12. I didn't except that so soon, but you got talent on kicking people from the servers. You should consider of merging servers, like Gludio+Aden for start, then you can open char transfering from the new Gludio-Aden server and TI/Giran. About changes, that's gonna be a short story.. Well, I'm always saying L2Store destroyed the Lineage, but lets say okay you wanna make money I get it. (You don't like getting 10$-15$ per account/month?!? well... I guess you not) - Now let's go to the important, you made an annoucement about adena rates that should stay hardcore, alright I get it, I like runni
  13. You're my heroes, after 1 months of saying that GMT +1 1300 is wrong.. even this is wrong! I feel like watching people shouting about oferts, for a while I believed ofert word exists
  14. It's easier than x7, at least on x7 you will get ban if you bot and see you/report you.
  15. They did.. *Let's see, gremlin drops the gem alright.. elpy gives adena and animal skin, alright.. quests are working corectly, we missed the spiritshot thing np that was quick we fixed it 2 weeks later. Let's see hmmm.. werewolves dropping adena and jewells, okay server is fine guys let's open it*
  16. Alright, not good at math, lets say 25% are the shops+real players then or let's say the 1500 from 6000 online people
  17. I'm not saying 1/4 are shops, I'm saying shops+real players are the 1/4
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvNSZ1majvg 12:18 Classic servers in 2-3 months at 50s
  19. 1/3 could be cool but it's 2/4 bots, 1/3 boxes and the 1/4 that's left are real players/shops
  20. Java server Even the name is wrong, lvl 3 Orfen should be like Refined Orfen's
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