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    Hi because when the moreden die any character can pick it up and not left alone for which kills him?
  2. Hi quest lvl 76 soultalker thats wrong, tablet of vision do not create archangel
  3. https://www.gofundme.com/fire-juji-and-hire-someone-else&rcid=r01-153860493488-ff881da362e14b03&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
  4. please hire back the ncsoft that didnt give a shit
  5. im getting cancer out of this
  6. yea enjoy playing with all the rejects, euro trash
  7. sweet another fgt added to my kos list
  8. Please use the same name ig and tell me youre playing on TI, ill show you whats up
  9. youre delusional if you think people dont pk on retail lmao
  10. once this shit start and people to go red everyone is going to cry again, karma system is stupid right now, carebear trash
  11. okay so I can sit at 3 pks die and be safe? lmao
  12. Okay so is it weapon drop after 4 pks or do you only drop after 4? meng be clear