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  1. If can someone explain to me, I have opened my 3 clients, and I have 250ms with 1 account, and 500ms with the others 2 accounts... anyone knows why this happen? TY
  2. Not every player do this and to be honest it is just avoid the problem, it is not a real solution. I blocked them and eventualy a new bot appears... it would be nice that they disable the chat from level 1 to 19, with exception of party/clan channels.
  3. I know, I know... adena sellers exist since the beggining of times. But could you please PLEASE do something about the NASTY spamming this people do in the cities? You can't buy/sell your stuff or look for party with those guys FILLING the chat channels EVERY SECOND! Thank you all, have a nice day
  4. There is no stand to be agree or disagree with. 2 + 2 = 4. The game never was developed or designed with the goal of players running multiple clients. Multibox exist only because of lazy*** players and the codicious NCsoft.
  5. Dont care why you and your autistic friends like to play solo in a MMORPG. The FACT is that the game isnt designed that way, no MMO was thought for that purpose and never will...
  6. We have group heal skills We have clan buff skills Do we have account heal/buff? NO, because multibox IS NOT a "core feature" of the game. Multiboxing is how you play single mode in a MMORPG, and that's not the spirit of this genre. If NC allowed and still allowing multibox it is just because it suits them and they are greedy. Stop defending the indefensible, you just want to stay lazy and comfy.
  7. Sure, man. They are masters of their own game, that's why we are all playing with no issues or bugs... STFU
  8. Good morning. Couldn't play all the weekend, and still can't. Hope you have rested well while your game was on fire. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. This is a mess. My suggestions (more demands than suggestions): 1. Reduce boxes to only 2 per PC (or only 1 box and we play the game as it should be, but what can I expect from you?) 2. Remove the auto-fishing Bulls***. Nobody will miss it. 3. Enable offline vendor feature or put some auction house system, idk. 4. Kick players after 15 or 30 minutes of AFK and put a captcha every 1 hour. 5. Give free server
  9. Yes, I played mostly on private servers 'cause I tryed LIVE and it sucks for me, sorry for being an individual person and not share other people feelings and pleasures. I'm just expressing in the forums my disagreement with the direction L2 Classic is taken. I think we all have the right to let them know our disappointment. So f*** you...
  10. Multiboxing is how you play single mode in a MMORPG, so you should shut up your mouth...
  11. Play the game as it must be played: 1 computer = 1 account
  12. That means if you have a queue of 1500, you have to wait 10 hours to play... Nice!
  13. It is sad for new players who want to try L2 Classic for the first time and find this poor performance from the greedy NC staff. Take a momment to think how many players quit the game because of your inefficiency. Or how many players go back to private servers that offer a better experience. They probably will NEVER want to know anything about L2 official again. Almost 2 weeks and every day is a new one... today we have immeasurable queue, and tomorrow?... Loged 2 hours ago and still waiting a 1200 queue. Shame on you NC, you are ruinning something that many hope for years.
  14. Well, not 9000, but 1500... allow two boxes instead of three... make vendors/fishers offline... I don't know, do something about it...
  15. The quest is fine, the drop is not 100%, you need to hunt 40-60 spiders to collect all the sacs. Orcs have a similar repeatable quest where you hunt 40-60 bears and you get more than 5k adenas!
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