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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Naia is dead for long too...
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Congratz for nothing... If L2 model turned into this bullshit I am done, I have more fun on Skelth and not having to leave my computer on 24H to be able to make adena, time for a refund, your free to play model is just a joke, was expecting a lot things to be different after all the problems from the past, but after more then a decade playing L2 all I have seen was a huge lack of action from NC and many problems being solved too late, that will be your problem in 6 months on this servers if not even before, Gludio already turned into a wasteland, and the rest will be slowly running into the same problem. Classic was advertised as something that was far from anything "veterans" were expecting or remember from OB - C3 start, I would be more happy to pay on EU and keep my fun instead turn NC West one more dollar. You lack skills not only about facing problems but also on management, probably everything is outsourced and I hope it is or the company would be running worst then I think, a lot of trolls here defend whatever they want, I know how things are done in a lot of environments, just NC West don't react about nothing, all we have here day after day is a call to action being ignored, keep the server full of afk stores, bots and gold sellers, improve more and more things as the huge Raids so the ones who are smart take profit from that and many not in game but from RMT return, and ofc you have your back turned on that as usual... Well time to run for a refund, all the bases were failed, and what was announced is far from the reality as your EULA or whatever you name it. Good bye RobinWoor - Gustin, Gumble - Teon, Mastergumble - Franz Proudly Eximius Leader
  3. Seems useless, hope eu server change the policy so others can go there and prob will leave my accounts, one with 14 years, but they dont even care about it, they promoted a classic server failing everywhere, I get spammed from guys I have blocked days ago in one character, and now already started the crappy adena mails, advertisings on party match, pm's, shouts, regular chat, soon we will start getting the mails with 1 adena so you cant just delete without open, legits are randomly getting banned, support still say "works as intended" even with a ticket asking clarification being reported if I was even reported in town but again its working as intended, seems just my button have issues reporting those summoners for weeks in TI farminig mats day after day sometimes debuffed sometimes not but they keep their business flowing. Well now they have competition even if small with a lot NcCoins going to make adena trough PK Scrolls, wonder how long did they discuss that while skipping the problems with the adena scaling totally screwed, spoils being a joke and they arrive with more announcement of free ports and a cat in town and half community applauds them, meanwhile server start to run lighter with the quitters, while should be Nc staff who should be dismissed once for all.
  4. Play a tyrant wasting 2k ss minimum p/buff round = 16k getting a income of 6 to 8k p/buff round in better scenario and tell me after they are fine, oh wait may u troll saying to save ss like some...
  5. Banned Random People?

    Actually I had some trouble with Diablo, Blizzard support were very detailed and everything were fixed in 48 hours, they didn't shared nothing I asked but they looked into it and found there was something wrong, they were very polite with the sittuation, my final feedback about it was very positive, also had some problem with my account some months ago due to the second verification and support was extremly quick and accurate due to the issue (even if was a simple recover).
  6. Banned Random People?

    So being accused of something without proof makes you some sort of a sense? As a sys admin for over 20 years, I never locked a simple account without a motive and when asked a clarification ticket with all the details, from abuse, hack whatsoever even the logs need to be clear and detailed, it is not even a company policy it is enforced by law. I can give that information without detail anything of our intrusion prevention, or whatever you would not even understand. The problem here is simple as a lot of ppl getting random ban, some being reported like I was already being in town and not on hunt fields, there is a flaw somewhere and support ignore it saying everything is working as intended while is not, before and I had tickets long years ago I asked often for taking my ticket to a higher level support, always got it, I got banned once with my wife and our two boxes when was possible to have multiple accounts under the same email address like 7 years ago or something, I got more then one guy checking it and ban was lifted and all details on the reason was clearly detailed by the time. Anyway I am getting already a bit tired of this bugged server and if where I used to play they open a fresh one I will mode on the 1st second, there is a huge lack of fixes on this server missing for the f2p based idea that keeps hurting players by a lot, only the noob qq that come here telling this is not c1 or whatever and telling this is Classic, well being playing classic for tree years on other server and not a private despite the forbidden words and yeah this is not Classic, this is bugged Classic, moved for the friends but they are going out so my motive to reroll again starting here is taking me nowhere, we were more then 80 on Naia, some playing together since Franz first day that is only about 12 years, like 18 were moving here on 1st day, we are atm 6 actives, some quit on 1st week back to EU servers, other drop off after queue hit the VIP's, two more after stupid Halloween lol event, but ofc for the QQ supporters we are the ones that don't know how to play, really miss the day when S80's like those were QQ trying to understand how a lower Clan was owning them, but that is something those trolls don't learn on privates... As for Nc they are going into a deep well and ppl are starting to get tired of excuses and lack of fixes, server starters were affected by a lot compared to new starters, but when ppl hit the 4x+ are getting stuck, lack of SP, lack of Adena, lack of everything, now the excuse for many is event gave them Halloween top D, yeah and money sellers end up more intense than ever on servers, ofc that all come from Halloween... Like some greek happy to show is duals C on AI, poor english telling it was cheap to get, something like 45 euros!!! Whatever, ppl do with their money what they want, I got tired of trying to wake for actions over 14 years, ended on PK rampage that took weeks to clean Karma on hero rift, now I just ignore them or if they bug me I kill them, I rly don't care about being red, it is even funny that now I end up running red wile questing and even that way nobody have guts to attack back!
  7. Banned Random People?

    And details where it was used, what it was used? Support seems more pathetic compared to old chronicles...
  8. Banhammer and bots

    A lot give money to avoid queues like we were doing, mostly...

    Happened to me also once and support dont give a shit about anything then "working as intended" just being curious, were you in Dion shop mode? Im thinking some places can report players as far the reporter is out of peace zone.
  10. Support check the ban system

    No I did not took ss, thought was some error with the interface, but there is someone who took, If I found is post and ss I will link it here, was exactly like me, and all who got was "report is working as intended, you receive a captcha and have bla bla bla, if they even look at my account they would see I was chatting about testing Partisans and 2 minutes later I got all that crap, the rest of the time was in town selling shots, where we cant even be reported!!! Today I found a friend who played with me and who had a lot of issues to play due to the queues got is account locked for third part usage, and support give no details and dont even tell why is account was closed but is buffer not!!! He should be playing it so badly he got to level 34 since server start and got a lot of XP with me and clan friends, some that already gave up due to queues... Not much to say about this company, atm I play here cause apart of loving this game I love my friends and many cant play where I was playing since the Hi5 crap, crossing fingers for a change on EU servers so they can play there and I will leave this once for all, they also had issues but here seems they decided to override all boundaries of incompetence in game and out of game.
  11. Banhammer and bots

    Yesterday I found one of the guys I used to play with for just... 8 years got is main char account with the message "due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked." I got that before for something with the payment so didn't care too much, today he got finally answered with this gift: Offense: Usage of third-party program Penalty: Account closure We have reviewed and found the above action as well as the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/. This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand. Regards, GM Frost NCSOFT Support Team User Agreements Welcome to the official site of NCSOFT West. Our site provides news, career opportunities, company Information, game links and more. Well I thought maybe they were cleaning the servers and he got a mistake, but guess I log in game and bump, mega adena sellers spam, the bot elfs in TI are still farming mats on spiders for two weeks, every bot is happy with their own business, this guy who played live for years paying for it now got banned, and the answer is /repeat usage of third part blah blah but telling what was used when and where support have problems to tell!!! Like my own ticket about getting bot debuff soon I ported from Dion to Partisans where I got a crit error with a bunch of windows loading at once, the guys who run support for L2 just say its working as intended, and details are not given, lost already half the team due to server bugs and queues, now a guy who got massive leveled since day one up to level 34!!! And actually I think if I will be the next one (actually the fast day he leveled was with me and some of clan members on ant nest, two who left due to massive queues), what is the problem with Nc Support @Juji @Hime ??? You lock players and give no proof other then we supposed broke any agreement??? If there are bots like hell on this server primary it is your own fault, if the proofs you (Nc) collect are failing, that is also your problem, atm and it is no new there are a lot of russian bots and players on the server and support pretend to be blind on that, meanwhile more and more legit ppl leave, serious, after so many years this is the same crap as on Franz 12 years ago? Serious, I will wait one week before decide if I will return to Skelth, meanwhile maybe someone look at this matter with eyes and balls to assume there is a lot of problems with that pseudo support, for now I will keep supporting my friend with one of two accounts closed to keep pushing about a detailed answer and to open a Paypal dispute with Nc to return all the value payed for that account.
  12. WTF

    The only Luxury I see is your trolling brain! I played from C2 up to Hi5, have been on Gustin - Teon and Franz from day 1, not crappy bugged private crap, I did runs to Giran on C3/4 begins to drop a toon to buy the cheaper craft resources, after 20 I never had issues to use GK anytime, some saves while hunting to get into the zone and soe to save soe + GK costs is one thing, having to run a lot is something that should not exist, so don't call it luxury, the server is bugged in a lot of ways, having no cm manager here or / and IG just makes things worst, the current team lack's of everything, we are just mass ignored by Nc and all I see is ppl leaving the game for multiple reasons, I hope to see this getting in a better way in one month or I will put a refund for my purchases and will sadly return to Skelth where many friends that still hope to see bugs and server fixed here like me. So call GK what they are and not tell players that want to maximize their times and savings they use luxury things.
  13. Support check the ban system

    So I say that did not happen, I logged in and instantly got the debuff plus a lot of messed windows. I never got reported, asked to escalate the ticket on the matter but they don't care, simple as that, I was in town and got instantly after log the debuff, not seconds after, simple they can check on logs but they dont care, its a fact not a think...
  14. Support check the ban system

    Yes I know, but they didn't look at it, while in town I had no problem soon I ported partisans crit error, return in game and instantly voila 1 hour debuff, and they say its working as intended!!! Just a big lol to not say something bad...
  15. Support check the ban system

    I got reported once, or better... I have received the debuff once, no code window or whatever, was playing midget on shopping mode, running Giran for crafts, Dion, Gludio. After a bunch of hours logged on main and got a lot of windows opening at once and bang the debuff, yeah all the tickets lame support said it was working as intended and didnt care about anything else, joke support if they even deserve that name...