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  1. Congratz for nothing... If L2 model turned into this bullshit I am done, I have more fun on Skelth and not having to leave my computer on 24H to be able to make adena, time for a refund, your free to play model is just a joke, was expecting a lot things to be different after all the problems from the past, but after more then a decade playing L2 all I have seen was a huge lack of action from NC and many problems being solved too late, that will be your problem in 6 months on this servers if not even before, Gludio already turned into a wasteland, and the rest will be slowly running into t
  2. Seems useless, hope eu server change the policy so others can go there and prob will leave my accounts, one with 14 years, but they dont even care about it, they promoted a classic server failing everywhere, I get spammed from guys I have blocked days ago in one character, and now already started the crappy adena mails, advertisings on party match, pm's, shouts, regular chat, soon we will start getting the mails with 1 adena so you cant just delete without open, legits are randomly getting banned, support still say "works as intended" even with a ticket asking clarification being reported if I
  3. Play a tyrant wasting 2k ss minimum p/buff round = 16k getting a income of 6 to 8k p/buff round in better scenario and tell me after they are fine, oh wait may u troll saying to save ss like some...
  4. Actually I had some trouble with Diablo, Blizzard support were very detailed and everything were fixed in 48 hours, they didn't shared nothing I asked but they looked into it and found there was something wrong, they were very polite with the sittuation, my final feedback about it was very positive, also had some problem with my account some months ago due to the second verification and support was extremly quick and accurate due to the issue (even if was a simple recover).
  5. So being accused of something without proof makes you some sort of a sense? As a sys admin for over 20 years, I never locked a simple account without a motive and when asked a clarification ticket with all the details, from abuse, hack whatsoever even the logs need to be clear and detailed, it is not even a company policy it is enforced by law. I can give that information without detail anything of our intrusion prevention, or whatever you would not even understand. The problem here is simple as a lot of ppl getting random ban, some being reported like I was already being
  6. And details where it was used, what it was used? Support seems more pathetic compared to old chronicles...
  7. A lot give money to avoid queues like we were doing, mostly...
  8. Happened to me also once and support dont give a shit about anything then "working as intended" just being curious, were you in Dion shop mode? Im thinking some places can report players as far the reporter is out of peace zone.
  9. No I did not took ss, thought was some error with the interface, but there is someone who took, If I found is post and ss I will link it here, was exactly like me, and all who got was "report is working as intended, you receive a captcha and have bla bla bla, if they even look at my account they would see I was chatting about testing Partisans and 2 minutes later I got all that crap, the rest of the time was in town selling shots, where we cant even be reported!!! Today I found a friend who played with me and who had a lot of issues to play due to the queues got is account locked f
  10. Yesterday I found one of the guys I used to play with for just... 8 years got is main char account with the message "due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked." I got that before for something with the payment so didn't care too much, today he got finally answered with this gift: Offense: Usage of third-party program Penalty: Account closure We have reviewed and found the above action as well as the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: http://us.ncsoft.com/e
  11. The only Luxury I see is your trolling brain! I played from C2 up to Hi5, have been on Gustin - Teon and Franz from day 1, not crappy bugged private crap, I did runs to Giran on C3/4 begins to drop a toon to buy the cheaper craft resources, after 20 I never had issues to use GK anytime, some saves while hunting to get into the zone and soe to save soe + GK costs is one thing, having to run a lot is something that should not exist, so don't call it luxury, the server is bugged in a lot of ways, having no cm manager here or / and IG just makes things worst, the current team lack's of
  12. So I say that did not happen, I logged in and instantly got the debuff plus a lot of messed windows. I never got reported, asked to escalate the ticket on the matter but they don't care, simple as that, I was in town and got instantly after log the debuff, not seconds after, simple they can check on logs but they dont care, its a fact not a think...
  13. Yes I know, but they didn't look at it, while in town I had no problem soon I ported partisans crit error, return in game and instantly voila 1 hour debuff, and they say its working as intended!!! Just a big lol to not say something bad...
  14. I got reported once, or better... I have received the debuff once, no code window or whatever, was playing midget on shopping mode, running Giran for crafts, Dion, Gludio. After a bunch of hours logged on main and got a lot of windows opening at once and bang the debuff, yeah all the tickets lame support said it was working as intended and didnt care about anything else, joke support if they even deserve that name...
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