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  1. I suggest +4STR -4 CON for solo farming its highly increases ur DPS. But better don`t try pvp with such build
  2. 1 handed + shield is much better for supports. You can probably use D weapon until 52, just dont forget to turn on SS
  3. I think such section must be created
  4. It`s not possible. Mb only in future, when servers will be merged
  5. It`s not bots, looks like a marcos or clicer more, but still its not legit
  6. NecroFillin


    1k adena and Small shield?
  7. A lot of mobs in the wasteland are higher lvl than in dion
  8. I don`t actually see any bot from the opening. What russians are you talking about? witch C grade?
  9. You should look for summoners class, like ES or Warlock
  10. Get a job -> purchase for spirit soul shots -> profit
  11. Its just spam macro, don`t think its a bot. But any way they should be banned for that
  12. Omg, man, go play on Aden if you can w8 20 min
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