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  1. No vampire buff for melee classes means that more HP pots are used. And most of those HP pots are bought with ADENA that is made from selling NC-STORE items. So basically no VR buff equals more money for NCsoft.
  2. Just more monsters stacked into a small area while having less variety of actual hunting zones?
  3. Awesome thanks Just wanted to say thanks again to all the developers,mods, and community managers. You're doing a fantastic job keeping this game great and healthy. I can tell you how pleased we all are with your dedication. Whether it be your stellar communication with the community or awesome updates and events, you get an A+ in my book. Keep up the great work all, looking forward to many more years.
  4. I don't blame you, I quit a few days ago too. They should rename TOI to 'VIP', Because full "macros" and full P2W is required. This company does not deserve our money... I was about to participate in the cloak event, but then was like 'nah, think i'll quit' and then I donated $100 dollars instead to a charity that stops human trafficking. Instead of failing a bunch of electronic lottery rolls while feeling bad and ripped off, I now actually feel good about where that money went. The trick is to realize everything spent on this game is just a 'sunk cost' and I should bail be
  5. There was actually some momentum on the LIVE server forums about getting actual success rates listed for p2w items and perhaps other things. Eventually, this company (before they cave in to that pressure and list rates) will probably have one last p2w event that breaks records for it's expense and low success rates. Could this be that event?
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