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  1. You have 114 posts already of nothing but gypsy tears, try again
  2. It's truly amazing that anytime I come to forums I see you crying about PK change, good lord you are one salty gypsy.
  3. Anyone remember a SR named LadiesMan? Never forgot that dude from back in the day.
  4. Are you gonna address the fact that you guys advertised as 1.5 true Classic version, but a day before launch you reveal this frankenstein patch?
  5. You sound like a woman, I think you're playing the wrong game. Hello Kitty Island Adventures is that way ------->
  6. You could play L2 on one of these if you wanted to, max graphics .
  7. Still useful sure, but most people still chose to play live EE.
  8. Haha good old days of Kain, was there from prelude to somewhere around C1 when WoW came out.
  9. And the true colors come out, who would've guessed you guys were just whiny little bitches
  10. Aww did I hurt your wittle fee fee's first sign of being a SJW is getting upset when people don't agree with you.
  11. Pathetic troll with nothing to add to the conversation, again I guarantee you won't make it past 40.
  12. So far they are avoiding this like the plague
  13. Yea let us know what char you'll be playing
  14. It won't change anything for you guys because you will never pass level 40.
  15. Thanks for confirming my assumptions
  16. You're the only clown here trying to sound smarter than you actually are. And btw reading your posts it's painfully obvious you probably never made it past level40 in any Classic server.
  17. Cus on classic SE is nothing more than a boxed char you drag along, while EE can be a real pvp healer that also comes with stun resist and Clarity.
  18. I think anyone who has played Classic before feels like that right now. What a lie to advertise this as 1.5.
  19. lmao what an ignorant fool, why even bother to post?
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