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  1. Maybe reward Authority Belt for Ceremony of Chaos Master achievment,suggestion.
  2. Can you extend attendance rewards with 1week please, some people traveled and actualy celebrated holydays offline in real life for once.Thanks
  3. Are Emerald,Blue/Red Cat jewels missing just this time or removed for good?
  4. no experiance loss upon death... free teleports... very nice,thanks but a questions: "in what year are you living in?"developers even play the game anymore? yes, at beggining of GoD everyone could not wait for this stuff. noone had box iss yet and 20-30-50k adena was something,poeple had +/- same gear. also pay to win strategy was not blooming yet, so there was many people playing the game and pvp in teritories...(soa quest had chance to give apocalypse weapon)... but now you continue same... i dont wanna point the obvious way this events are added... 100%ressurection skills at iss+heal(every
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