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  1. Oops, and also pretty much all the classes self heals (as in my paladin and SR) Maestro transcendent needs spellbook skill now? Wow, they really hit it out of the park with the new update.
  2. Thanks for toasting the elves cubics while we wait for a new update.
  3. You want to fix the economy? Get rid of random crafting. Reinstate the dwarven crafting/spoiling that you guys destroyed a few chronicles ago. Reinstate the materials to craft gear. Get rid of Sayha/Vitality and go back to the core of the game. Classic failed because of the same reasons, and Aden is going to follow suit because it's just a big money grab for NC.
  4. Random craft is an adena sink, and it's like playing on a slanted table. With a magnet in it. Crafting should be left to the dwarves. Probably the single most stupid and asinine thing that NC has ever done was get rid of crafting.
  5. I was spoiling some (at a low rate) in high 60's areas...all that was coming out was random craft mats though. Not sure if higher levels spoil better stuff.
  6. Don't know if they were referring to the Vala Necklace that they gave away at start. That one is still on my toons. They took it off of offer after the first or second update.
  7. There's the Olympiad boxes 1 per day on the L2Coin shop under Adena. Other than that, they're telling you get your credit card ready right off the bat.
  8. Great posts from all here. I've been playing since before time (started on Gustin). I log onto every new server type hoping there was going to be some resemblance of the game we all started on, and soon find that their promises of a "classic" experience were a total lie. The only thing classic was the grind. The skipping levels is stupid. It takes away from the money that you 'would' have made and just gives you the xp/sp. This game will dry up shortly after the "whales" beach themselves beyond repair with credit card debt and they'll have nowhere near the income that they had at start,
  9. Buffalo since I've always played a dorf and they had awesome meelee buffs!
  10. It's because NC burst the hypocritical bubble. Starting off in prelude/C1, RMT was a bannable offense. Anything more than the 13 dollars you spent a month was illegal and broke the EULA. Now, RMT is the ONLY way to level up your toon. They killed the classic experience by putting a pay shop in. They killed the classic experience by putting that stupid afk autohunting button on there. The holiday events (one of the most fun aspects of the game) they used to have was an awesome chance for starting out players to make money to buy gear. Then they killed that by making the "events", and I'm
  11. I put in a ticket for transferring the newbie to another character and they told me FU. I deleted the old char and they said all they can do is reinstate the character I deleted.
  12. This game died the minute they went free to play. Anyone paying the insane prices to maintain are the reasons that NC thinks they can get away with it...because they can. Look at the difference between when it was paid to now. Back when I was on, any given day there were thousands upon thousands of people on the servers. Now they're lucky if they get a couple hundred. Wow, that F2P/P2W model they bought into really worked out well. Bots running rampant, no control. Basically turning players into bots is absolutely ludicrous.
  13. Very sad to say that coming to "Lineage 2 Classic", there's nothing classic about it. I gave it a go since it came out I would gladly warp back into the early 90's (started playing in Prelude) and pay the game fee, the $13/mo subscription, and have the game work the way that it was intended to run, with ingame events and not just L2 shop items that line their pockets. The downward spiral was made VERY clear when they made it so you don't have to farm mobs/bosses for the highest grade items, just go on the L2 Store and buy them now! The nerfed drop/spoil rate is not ok. The material prices
  14. They should be called Beast Soulshots/Spiritshots. They work for pets and summons.
  15. It is normal, it is a known issue, and has been a known issue ever since Classic launched. They boosted xp and adena drops, but keep on neglecting the spoil drops ever since about the spoil rate. Thick skin, soldier!
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