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  1. Server Fix !

    Very sad to say that coming to "Lineage 2 Classic", there's nothing classic about it. I gave it a go since it came out I would gladly warp back into the early 90's (started playing in Prelude) and pay the game fee, the $13/mo subscription, and have the game work the way that it was intended to run, with ingame events and not just L2 shop items that line their pockets. The downward spiral was made VERY clear when they made it so you don't have to farm mobs/bosses for the highest grade items, just go on the L2 Store and buy them now! The nerfed drop/spoil rate is not ok. The material prices of zero are not ok. Turning this game into one of the most expensive "FTP" games is not ok. Taking shot crafting away from dwarves making them even more useless is absolutely not ok. Breaking many of the classes with skills that don't work (esentially making bots/autohunters the only ones you see on the servers anymore) is going to hurt you. I see that it is very obvious that this game is dying and they're just trying to squeeze out as much as they can from their playerbase before they close all the servers (would not be surprised if within a couple months Classic is down to one server). I know that it's the population's fault for feeding their ego and dumping thousands of dollars into the virtual store. The VIP scale is absolutely absurd to dump that much money into a game per month to get rates to what they "should have been" at launch to make a Classic feel. End rant, and i apologize for getting off topic about this. Cheers.
  2. Hello have a question

    They should be called Beast Soulshots/Spiritshots. They work for pets and summons.
  3. Spoil issue!?

    It is normal, it is a known issue, and has been a known issue ever since Classic launched. They boosted xp and adena drops, but keep on neglecting the spoil drops ever since about the spoil rate. Thick skin, soldier!
  4. Armor enchant succed Rate . (+5 to +6)

    If it's the same as on live, armor was always harder to OE to +6 than weapons. I blew up 20+ PL gloves trying to OE to +6. It just hurts more if it's the main piece.
  5. You can only purchase the starter pack on one toon, and it's non-transferrable.
  6. Many questions related VIP

    VIP only affects drops and xp. There is absolutely no difference between VIP 0 and 4 as far as spoils are concerned.
  7. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye used to shine as a siege archer. Has the most balanced strength and the hp of the three (elves have run speed, attack speed, and high dex, but low str--- and darks have strength and crit but low con and lower attack speed). Can't kite other archers, they'll run circles around you. Not sure about Classic, but if it's following in the old footsteps...
  8. Lots of players leaving

    Wouldn't be any bots if people didn't buy adena. Maybe blame those people instead.
  9. Newbie question!

    Unfortunately, yes grinding is the name of the game. Spoils don't really start getting good until lvl 50 or so, so up until then, the general consensus is you will just be farming mats. Get in a clan and it will make farming less of a grindfest if you have ppl to talk to/hunt with. You can make money, but yes, it's a grind fest. And be smart about what you're spending your money on. Don't spend it on trying to ++++++++OE a weapon. Don't spend it on armor, the sets you get from Moonlight is good enough for grinding mobs. You don't need top armor if you're rolling with a buffer/healer. Good jewels for your tank, don't really need much for your buffer now. Good weapon for your tank, again don't need a high lvl one for your buffer. I just keep grinding, and don't count on full drops because they're rare (average drop rate for full drops are 5% - 0.01%), and even more rare if you're not VIP4. Selling is even harder and a waste of time unless their top tier drops, so better to just crush those for crystals and make shots. Hunt greens, try not to hunt whites/yellows/reds if you can help it...the amount of time/damage/SS usage is a LOT higher comparing whites with greens. XP/adena per hour is a lot better hunting this way.

    as in... https://l2wiki.com/classic/B_Grade_Armor_Sets#Robe_Armor_Sets

    Google is your friend.
  12. Guidance needed

    Also be aware that all the ---men is also throwing your MDef down the toilet.
  13. BD even viable as Main?

    It's good to see support players, since everyone and their mother is either making a warlord or a summoner.
  14. Moon Heavy should last you. Brig will probably cost you over a mil or so if you buy it flat out (not that much better stats than moon for the money). Don't go light, your evasion isn't high enough to warrant light, and the pdef bonus is better than the 1-1.5 mp recharge you'd get from light. I have a light moon set as well and tried it out, I took a LOT more damage than with heavy. Only one I'd see going light for is C grade on up for the +++str (Plated Leather, etc.). Weapon is a toss up. I prefer one handed and shield (they block quite a lot, about every third/fourth hit is a shield defense), and 2 handed hits harder, better if you're spamming shots...but i like the faster speed and shield def. As in what 2 handed, that would definitely be a blunt, for your masteries and also your stun. Later on, you will only get one skill you can use with a 2 handed sword. If you're going scavenger, you'll need a recharger buffbot. If you're going arty, not so much. PP or WC is better.
  15. Buff Golem

    IIRC, on the live servers, they were regular buffs, and if you got PP/EE/SE buffs, they got written over, kind of like servitor might/shield for the other summoner classes.