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  1. Heavy or light for Scavangers?

    Depends on what you run. Do you want more damage soak or 1-2 points of MP regen? Evasion is not even in the equation, dwarves suck at it either way. You'll get better longevity from a shield than your evasion. Light is okay if you're solo or with a buffbot, if you're AOE'ing, you'll see your health bar drop twice as fast. Only light I'd go for is the PL set for the ++STR. Cooldown is a static number and is only reduced by passive skills. Your trigger time may be shorter, but the skill cooldown is the same.
  2. How to see spoil successfull easier?

    Turn off all damage/item use in the damage window, all you should be dealing with is XP/SP/Adena gain, spoil, and shield defense. Spoil Festival it's always been a good idea just to cast it a couple times just to make sure all have been spoiled.
  3. Just to get it out of the way, I'm not an OG, I started on Gustin when Prelude was ending and C1 was starting. Porting was always expensive. Me and my party just walked and chatted over TS on the way to where we were going. If I recall, Dion to Giran was around 16k. I don't recall any porting only costing a few hundred. There was no map, you had to do a quest to get one to know where the hell you were going. There was also an ingame calculator (from another quest) that I loved...my main on live still has the maps and calc. We learned the borders and used SoE's. I don't remember mana regen ever multiplying itself. If you wanted faster mp regen, you sat or walked. I used to solo with my BH using mage gear and duals because the of the mp and not using SS (before the SS macro). I'd sit and watch a show waiting. There were no XP/SP scrolls (introduced later during events), so everyone was levelling at the same rate, now you have people popping xp scrolls to zip through the levels and leave all their SP/Adena/mats in the dust, just because level is such a d*ck swinging contest these days. As for SP, over 40, I don't think I ever had the SP to fully get my toon all of their skills when they became available. Only thing I miss is the collection events they had almost every holiday. Easy way to make extra adena, and they were actually fun (Valentine's Day event/Fall Pumpkin contest/collecting letters to make LINEAGEII and NCSOFT, etc...
  4. How are you feeling my fellow spoilers?

    You do realize that if an item has a 10% chance of spoiling, it resets after every mob, right? You can have a run of awesome luck and then have a crap shoot for the next hour.
  5. Chain vs Compound

    Don't know if they changed the stats, but a lot of ppl liked the compound for elves because of the +++weight limit.
  6. Which D-Grade Weapons should I buy?

    Not always true, since low/mid grade bows are x1/1, mid (Gastra) is x2/1, and LXB is 3/2. So yes, they pack more of a punch, but you will be spending a LOT more on shots if you spam them.
  7. About to be SE main, maybe?

    Live SE's are probably going to be harder to find, most people are just using them for buffboxes.
  8. I Feel Lost

    Grinding solo is ALWAYS going to be slower and a money pit if you're going to be spamming shots. Get into a group! Duo with a fighter, have them soak up the hp, buy yourself a mage set for higher mp. Or box a Oracle if for buffs and recharge if you are bent on soloing. Solo, you will always be slower than other melee classes (minus tanks, of course). Duo you'll make slightly less xp/sp, but that just means more materials to collect on your way to endgame. If you're spamming soulshots, you will always be in the negative as far as money is concerned. Stop hunting white mobs, stick with greens.
  9. Are Scavengers obsolete now?

    You are always going to need spoilers for things you can't buy, like higher grade recipes and key mats...and occasionally turning mobs into walking Christmas presents for base mats is always a bonus!
  10. SSD 9a. how?

    If you buy from the store, the prices are fixed at a single crystal count, meaning you buy 2 different items, and comparably, their crystal count to adena will be the same (brig/manti/plate will have the same crystal price as buckskin boots). As for ores and items in the shop, look for the towns that have the lowest tax rate. I'm sure it's not that different right now, but once people start taking castles and messing with the tax rates, prices will fluctuate drastically. Or, if you want to go the expensive route, try to overenchant and fail and you get more crystals for the boom. Cheapest way is to grind, hope for drops, and crush the junk items that you'd spend all day trying to sell. Or if you don't want to grind, stay in town, play the market and make money!
  11. About to be SE main, maybe?

    Because for general party buffs, WC can usually do it better with less mana cost and better mana regen to buff a party Prophet is going to blow his wad buffing a party), minus a couple of buffs that are exclusive for EE/SE/PP, since they get all the goodies (might, shield, acumen, haste, focus, acc, VR, zerk, emp, etc). They have pretty good heals, but best healer is going to be Bishop, (EE/Bish can get up to 100% rez with dyes and gear later on, SE gets close). SE is more of an offensive based buffer, EE is more defensive based, and PP is an all around gimme everything buffer. Elders <can> solo if you want to farm undead areas, but you have to be geared and gets pretty expensive, until they give Elders they nuker stance like they did in the later chronicles. This game was not really designed for solo play, so if you want to, it's going to cost you. Later on, a party is going to want both a EE, SE, and dancers. Best bet is get into a clan and tag along anytime there's an opening.
  12. Teleport cost problems!

    Up to 40 is gimme mode. You have to pay like you used to in the old days if you want to zip around the world. Put on your comfy shoes and beat ground! Porting is just like soulshots. You're not supposed to spam them. They're luxury items and thus you have to pay for them. Think it used to cost almost 60k to go from Gludin to Aden back in the day. I would +1 to have a lower level alt to zip around and act as a courier for your higher toons.
  13. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    They posted in a different topic you have to submit a ticket for transfer request.
  14. warrior guide on classic?

    AOE mage groups can just train mobs in a circle to get them tight and blast them in the middle of an open area, whereas poles have to corner mobs and have all of them in front of them. Melee groups usually stick to rooms in dungeons, due to all the corners to lure them into. Mages mainly stick to open areas so they can maneuver if they accidentally pull one (glass cannons vs. heavy classes). So in conclusion, mages usually stick to outside, and melee usually stick to inside. Mage groups use a tank class to aggro all the mobs and basically race track them into a mass. Pole groups usually have one person pulling (or two) and the others stay in the corner and wait for them to get trained into. So OB/AC/etc are usually congested with nuker groups because they're wide open and don't need corners to hit all mobs in a group. Hope this helps.
  15. warrior guide on classic?

    Save your $$ on your box, it's marginal the difference in heals, and there's no difference in casting rate as long as you're using a mage weapon. Use a fighter weapon and you'll be waiting for casting. Just like on live, gear your main, then worry about your healer/box. You <could> stay in devotion set for the casting speed if you want, Moon is better defense and mana, but 10% slower cast. Why you used to see a lot of B graders running around in Karmian and a Homu/acumen till way up into A grade. Better main gear=more dps/less shot use if you spam/less damage taken. Get better jewels for debuffs/root/sleep/etc. As for groups, you want AOE pole groups. Most mage (nuker) groups will just take on a tank to aggro and train mobs and then AOE them into oblivion. Pole groups need to be a LOT tighter and find corners to cone all the mobs into (can do more once you get a pole with wide blow or long blow SA on it). You could just get a cheap blunt for stuns to save on money. Top NG is Great Spear. Top D is Glaive, but winged is a lot cheaper, and top D is craft only at this point. Catacombs aren't open in this Chronicle. They were 4x hp mobs in there. Oracles/Elders are the only healing classes with Mana regen spells. PP are great all around buffers, great for melee since they get Berzerk and Haste, but no Vamp Rage, stuck with your crap cleric, etc.
  16. C'mon, NC is like a drug dealer giving you a free hit to get you hooked. That's why you start off with top ng stuff and buff scrolls. Guess what, most of those are gone within the first few hours (or days, if you're frugal) of playing. In the long run, NG is crap gear. You'll just figure, "I'm already lvl 20, might as well keep going". If you don't want to buy shots, get your booty into a party, which is the way the game is designed for in the first place...or level a buffpet and rock on. The way it was back then was carefully picking your alts so you could recycle weapons/armor that you couldn't sell (before mammon would let you trade weapons in for a different equal weapon). And as for shots, those were for oh crap moments or for pvp, not meant to be spamshot.
  17. conversion

    Until people realize that Classic isn't the Millenial version where everything's given to you and smack head-on into the level wall and rage quit, only to realize they don't have a super easy mode gimme everything server to go back to.
  18. Please read this only VIP members

    During peak hours you will be in queue. Off peak, I pop right on with no wait. Doesn't matter if you're VIP 1 or 4. People have reported on all levels that queue time is still around the 150-250 mark.. .still better than the 2500 for the ones not willing to throw a dollar into a game. They just need to do a 30 minute or 1 hour afk boot to get all the AFK fishing/event raid/coin collectors off. And raise the server limit.
  19. vip 2 purchase

    You will still be VIP 0 even if you have 3 million NCoins in your account. You have to buy things in the ingame NCStore in order to raise your status.
  20. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    VIP isn't bypassing the queue anymore, so I think this thread is going to get a lot more vocal now...
  21. Source of knowledge about L2Classic

    Many people have been treating the online Prima guide as some kind of Lineage 2 bible to defend their points to the point of kicking and screaming ("it says this in the Prima guide, so it must have been true back in C1/C2"). LOTS of the info in the Prima guide was WRONG (xp/adena drops were rough estimates, and goes up and down depending on how you con to them, whether red, white, green, or blue). Only thing I really used that book back then for were crystal counts, which was pretty spot on. Skill sets were pretty good also, although it was not a complete list, and some of the names of skills were different.
  22. By weapon skills I assume you mean weapons proficiency? If that's the case, it only increases PAtk/Matk, as per the description. Casting speed is affected by buffs/pots and Fast Casting skill. Cooldown is affected by Quick Recovery or whatever skill is for your class.
  23. crafting items and recipes

    Only if you want to pay a dwarf in a craft shop to make one for you.
  24. What kind of classic is this?

    Partially that's your own guys fault for buying accelerated xp/sp boosts.
  25. Client will close now

    I know it's not a solution, but try making your character in off peak hours. I never end up in a queue then. Know it's not a fix, but it will help you. You'll still end up in the queue, but won't have to try to make a char. On top of that though, don't really know how you can select your char and enter the PIN in five seconds.