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  1. Well. I knew the popcorn was going to be tasty waiting for day 2 on the server. Everyone complaining that drops are too low, money is too low, can't afford anything... That's how it was back in classic. I used to farm in parties for material drops to craft armor for myself and my friends. You'd take your junk items and crystallize them for shots. You used to have to be really frugal with your shots or you'd burn them all up. Having 2 full sets of armor back then meant that you were way ahead of everyone else. Most people were running around in mismatched gear, because that's all they could afford. Your boots/gloves were usually one grade below because that's what you could afford (and didn't mess up the set bonuses). Back then, it was picking alts that were similar to your main so you could share gear with them. Most mages just used SpS, because BSpS cost way too much money. B grade healers were still running around in C grade sets, because the bonuses were better (and a lot cheaper). Homu/Acu was the weapon of choice for buffers up to A grade. As a dwarf, it was all about reading the economy, as in which castle had the best tax rates, therefore the cheapest materials to craft the shots. You got so excited to get a full drop (which was a lot more rare back then), and everyone else was jealous of you for all the adena you were going to get for it. Don't get me started on the archers having to farm arrows (or buy them from crafters). Back when during sieges whichever clan had a Warsmith that had Summon Siege Golem had the upper hand, and was an awesome sight to see (and the entire clan had to pitch in for the gemstones that was required to summon the damn thing). Now you get free sets of armor at level. Back then you ran everywhere, because TELEPORTS COSTED MONEY. They don't now. There wasn't a handy little map button that you could pull up whenever you wanted to that showed you hunting zones. You had to quest for the map, and keep it in your inventory. In my opinion, the 30% xp/sp boost is a waste of money, and will cost you more money in the long haul. While you're on the fast track to endgame (then probably rage quit because there's nothing else to do), you're zooming through the spellbook farming areas 30% faster than someone that didn't have it (they will have more money than you, until you get pissed and start buying adena). Most people complaining on here forgot how long it actually took to get to your next level. 1-20...maybe a couple of good days. 20-30...longer. MONTHS to get to 50 or 60, unless you were in a CP or had a clan that blasted all the raids that they could. Antharas took hours to kill. Valakas took even longer when they introduced him. Back then if you were going solo, it's like it is now. As a mage, you'd kill a couple of mobs, then have to rest. Trying to solo as a healer was brutal. The only thing you could really effectively solo were undead. Prophets had the upper hand because they could use all armor sets. If you're planning on being a healer/buffer, start asking for parties from very low lvl. You're going to need them later. Basically, classic is not for everyone. Stop trying to change it. There are lots of people that like the grind. It did bring me back when I heard people shouting for Toma's location. Smile.
  2. Already waited for a 980 queue only to get booted off once up. Back in line at 880! See how this time goes...
  3. How are SK's in classic?

    If I remember right, the best tank overall was the Paladin. SK's were good tanks, and behind DA (because of the pet), very good for solo. Not as many HP, but with the cubic buffs and high crit chance, really good for solo. Just gotta get up to the 40-50 lvl for the cubes though.
  4. Limit Box

    It's just like every other MMO...everyone's in such a hurry to get max level, just to realize there's nothing else to do then rage quit.