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  1. Hiz... Can someone explain t me what are these runes?? What they give when added to weapons... Thnx in advance!!
  2. I believe the best solution is to CUT ADENA COMPLETELY IN THOSE AREAS!!! Zero adena in every mob in abandoned camps!!! easy...
  3. gronion

    Multi box

    Is there a 3 box limit per pc???
  4. Is there sth wrong with this skill??? it does'nt seem to work
  5. HI!! the first priority is to open new hunting grounds... Neither the necropolis nor cruma or toi are places u can xp... Many bots... Some good people come and kill them for a while (1-2 hours) and after they resurected they summon their own pk 84 lvl and empty the room... and disconnect... and keep farming... ITS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Yesterday in cruma, one greek fellow pk my boxed buffer (2 party only!!!) and his 9 party healed him and rezed him when i was chasing him... 9 bots healing dancing etc... That is our server!!! Thnx dev team!!
  6. Hi Jaxx.I can confirm that chant of fury amulet drops from Valley Treant Elder at Enchanted Valley.It took around 2 days (24 nonstop) to drop but after the first dropped i gained another one. Regards
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