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  1. WTB Alot

    Full plate Set, Breserker blade +5, Orcish Poleaxe, Pa'agrio axe,Twilight knife, Avadon Robe Set.
  2. I iave a problem

    yeah dude , i have to wait when it disconnects me agin so i can see the error
  3. I iave a problem

    So i been playing today for 3 hours and got disconnected like 18 times and it keeps doing that, what the hell is going on is anyone else having that problem?
  4. So i have my 2nd account "Cleric" i bought 4k NCoins and i can't even login in to my account on the site , i can't buy chronicle pack ... i wrote to the support and problem is not fixed yet, i can't login in to the game because of the long lines and i can't buy chronicle pack to get my VIP so i don't have to be in Line for ever. What am i paying my money for guys?
  5. you wanted hard core! here it is real Lineage 2