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  1. Hi, I finded a bug. I'm trying to acquire a recipe: willow staff (totally useless i know, but i want all ingame recipes) I've killed all mobs that drop it countless times and they are keep on giving me recipe: broad sword... Then spoiled all the mobs countless times only to achieve the same result. No matter what i kill or spoil i always get broadsword recipe. Please help I'm desperate already. It's the only lv.1 recipe that i don't have.
  2. Hi, i hope im posting this in the tight place (I'm sorry otherwise) I notice something that has been bugging me for a while... old useless skills. (Talking about classic here) I believe it could be a good idea if they were to implement a skill replacement system. In other words, if you were to open your skills book there could be many many passive skills to chose from but in order to learn them you would need to exchange with a current skill that you have. (More or less like l2 live, but only passive... of small % and of many choices. Like: 1% hp... 1%p.atk... 1% mp recove
  3. Hello everyone, a few months ago... or was it years.. dunno. Anyway when l2 classic become live I was happy... tried it then realized it wasn't classic at all but just boring modern lineage 2 without 4 transfer. So I desinstalled and stopped playing. Today I decide to give it a second try as I didn't had to go to work and was bored (yes I'm the average l2 player that started playing as teenager and now I'm a father of 2) well where was I? Yes.. went to l2.. killed 50 mobs and become 19 and got a d-grade armor set which I wear and got no penalty for not being level 20.. SO.. BIG QUE
  4. Ever since GoD update I notice that some "Soul/Blessed" accessories become S80 or R. And we discussed that with my friends and many other folks in L2 community... Why some are R and others S80? I understand the Dragon jewels but why didn't they did all old epics S80? Frintezza, Baium, Orfen, Queen Ant... since there already is so many low epics (Istina/Octavis) that are actually better than the mentioned ones. It would be far better to make them S80 like Blessed Zaken. Thumb up if you are with our idea.
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