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  1. Disconected

    When I play on one account I also get disconnect after a few minutes
  2. Hello, I'm having trouble logging in to three accounts. When I log in one or two accounts, I get diconected when logging in to the second or third account. Sometimes it works but for a few minutes and then I get disconected on all or two accounts. Anybody knows what's going on ?
  3. Banned Accounts?

    Maybe you like to be stalkers, someone asks you not to interrupt, but you do not respond to requests because your ignorance spills out, so you act like bots, then it's not strange that someone is reporting you.
  4. verification codes

    I had the same problem, I live in Poland and I have e-mail with www.interia.pl, thankfully everything is OK google translator
  5. P2W = Play2Win or Pay2Win ?
  6. you can write what you like, but I'll make you realize that you have a shit to talk about - the truth hurts?
  7. Which server will you play?

    Giran, I'm from Poland
  8. Let's go further and make a subscription for each account, then the bots will be eliminated. Let's do as in Europe, you do not have a VIP, you can not trade, less frequent instances and you do not have a boost to exp, and with this help NA servers will lose players from Europe, and they only attract this free to play. And you later pay for each account because VIP in the first account does not give you permission to trade on the second and subsequent accounts. We will see how many players will be on NA servers and how will you be a whim that there is no one to play with and you will ask for macro loops. In addition, the server will earn more on scrolls to exp than from this VIP, if they did not earn more from L2Store, it would be a long-term subscription.
  9. Auto-pickup working only with adena, for other drop nuker or archer must run to pickup.
  10. What is Classic to you?

    Grind on mobs, spoil, craft, RB raids, siege in C / B grade, playing with an authentic support - not with boxes,
  11. I played when the server was 80% bots, and finding pt was a challenge. I played where the best places were placed by many groups of bots, and killing something was a challenge. Even when F2P entered, there were always bots and always in the best places, so what's the point? Maybe I would like to have an alternative to all these bots around? Should I run a bot and laugh at others?
  12. Why do not I see crying about auto-pickup money? It was not in 2004, right? So new Classic by NCSoft or half Classic by crying players?
  13. Remove looping macro

    Someone forgot that it will be Classic with options and Live server settings, if you accept the auto-pickup of money, then everyone just wants to do the server under themselves. So either Classic by NC Soft, or Classic in the release of kiddie kids
  14. Remove looping macro

    I wonder how many people will run later and ask for buffs, especially when there are less people online, such looping is useful because you do not have to jump on characters to get buffs. If someone has a head on the neck and can still run this character to beat the mob, it will only improve the grind. That's all, macro does not read HP and MP, and some people here think looping macro like it's a bot. Let them believe that the bot is better by 100 times. So who will want to use it, and who does not like it, let him not use it.