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  1. @Jujiif you have checked all those things you say you did in the past then maybe you guys should check your gear. i mean lag comes when server becomes heavy which is always... and lag comes back to normal after restart when server goes back to light. is being years with the same problem and many days now without solution.
  2. here the world is burning and @iAndouille is combing himself (greek saying. describes perfect the situation). we cant farm we die from mobs and you care about a npc. lol
  3. i see month after month after month people/customers of failsoft give their money waiting for things to change, waiting for devs to act and fix bugs and lags and be righteous and justiceful with their selling products. instead all i see all those months i play is this: 1. lag/melee lag/random dcs/server down. that was before server transfer to aws. now is way worst. we cant farm or do daily activities in game but thank god server is up for us to log in. you see the online toons grow due to covid 19 and greedy chests and you add queue to log in instead upgrade your servers(and when you upg
  4. yeah i am sure they ll lose a lot fixing their game that customers leave because they cant play.
  5. @Degus server aint coming down. you need a chill pill bro?
  6. -Greece -No VPN -everything is laggy. compound/put items to auction/ alchemy / craft /buy from grocery / receive-open-close mail melee lag: i hit about 1hit/3secs. when i kill a mob i change target but i dont attack, i wait 4-6secs and after i attack. also 3 out of 4 mobs i kill give me my drops after a while. a lot of times it gave me adena after i ported to town. PS. @Hime support team still refuses to acknowledge the existance of melee lag saying that there is not such a thing and it is caused due to latency issue from our end. maybe you should let your supe
  7. @absinthia 2 days ?? we cant play the last week. dcs every 5 mins and lag was a pain in the a$$. @Degus tissue?? i want the exp i lost the last 2 years when i couldnt afk farm because of melee lag. and i want a FACKING APOLOGY. i dont know about you but i am paying a multi million dollar comp. for their services and i expect them to respond accordingly.
  8. @Jujieverything i do have delay, like i press to open mail. it opens after 2 mins. i double press to open aden chests. it opens after 2 mins. melee lag gone for now. but some time lag hits and the char freezes for a couple of seconds. transmutation and compound practically impossible.
  9. 300% vit bonus and no way to get vitality tonics. HOW THE ACTUAL FAAK YOU MANAGED TO FAIL EXP EVENT?? nc doesnt stop to amaze me
  10. Orianna draw 1 winner the last 14 hours. You call this event? I call this scam. You should be ashamed. @Juji shame on you. On all of you.
  11. As the title says, lets write here items that currently missing from server and we want to see them back. lets or pray for a dev to see that post and take an action as unlikely as it seems. fingers crossed Here I go then: 1: scroll blessing for r99 with high chance. the low chance that any1 can craft is hard to make and is nearly impossible to make blessed part 2: bloody armor stones. even if you somehow make blessed part there is no way you can make it bloody. 3: elixir of blessing. ertheia can make love potions that gives some stats for some secs to pt members through t
  12. and i thought siege event was the absolute failure of events... this is far worst. NC impressed me again. pantheon boxes gives bulls hit and that oriana lottery thing is ridiculous. ok we get it NC you dont like to give anything(either free or paid as it seems), just dont waste our time.
  13. bored to relpy really... u all confused the point of the topic. some1 that started the game lets say 6months ago can make about 3b/month. lets say he donated some $$ too so he has about 100b. now... how can a party full of ppl like him kill those dailies rbs? dont be fooled @socketka he is playing for 6 months not 6 years. he is no newbie if he plays for 6 years. you may farm 2b/day but he farms 120m/day. Dailies supposed to be medium difficulty for 105lvl partys of 2 or more. my intension was for some1 of the l2 team see this and get triggered to try because it seems that devs dont have any
  14. @socketka are you freaking kidding mate? your gear is for starters? are you out of your f mind? only your 1 ring cost more than my hole gear. you are a liar get the fak out of here and stop ridiculous yourself. no way you farm all this items even if you grinding for years now. as i said above no newbie 105 lvl can kill those rbs. their description says 105lvl normal difficulty party of 2 or more. there is no way for some1 105-109lvl with about 100b items clear those instances. oh and if you need 10mins to clear those rbs with your gear(your gear costs 1.2T ++) then you doing something wrong m
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