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  1. Not that it requires a lot to be defeated , but the best for me is Garriot. He has this funny look.. so one day I said he was "Muito feio".. which means Very Ugly in Portuguese.. so our raid crew started calling it Muito Feio and it always makes me laugh!
  2. Cardinal for sure! One of the most active classes! No macro to keep your friends alive and u can also kill chars! Besides, I love ressing around
  3. We need to talk about Classic. After sending a few tickets complaining about game mechanisms and often being asked to post my "suggestion" in the forum, I decided to spend some time organizing some thoughts. Today it´s been 10 days that I am not logging in, and I am impressed I am not missing it as I thought I would. I was pretty aware of how addicted I was since I started L2 again after many years. I love the game idea, the magical world, and mostly the friends I´ve made. However... P2W: You released a free-to-play server, but it seems that all your developer´s efforts mean finding w
  4. Hi!! I hope modifications means you are gonna fix some issues we´ve been facing like the 24h clan penalty back to 1min... clan activities is one of the few things we have left. Also would be nice reading some forum suggestions on how to bring fun back to this game... more areas, castles, fixing PK system, removing bots, maybe merging servers for some real PVP... reduce the amount of P2W items for a fair and balanced gameplay... Love u all!
  5. Leveling Fire Spirit and helping friends to get some XP in Argos Senhorita - Bishop - Giran server
  6. Can´t agree more! It is sad walking around and seeing how many areas are on the map... Runes, Fantasy Island, and many more we go explore when we are bored! It is a matter to run it! Maybe merge TI and Giran so people will need those areas if u think we have enough space (which we don't). As KuroiHime wrote.. every time I see NPCs or quest monsters it´s so sad... I even try clicking on them to see if - miraculously - there´s a quest. That Frog near GC raids...damn!! This game has no content!! what is left? P2W items every path.. new collections? Same clan activities every week? Ohhhh nice!! C
  7. What do you mean? So forget about support classes? Cuz if you don't spend loads of money you cant solo hunting, so no Subjugation, no L2 coins drop. Seems like it's not important to you cuz your party is all boxes while should be players. That´s how this game keeps losing its meaning/purpose. It´s already unfair to prioritize DDs only and now you just made it worst! @Juji could u please consider people that actually enjoy and play as support on your updates? Please fix it properly and balanced. Thank you.
  8. Agree! Even after opening several tickets concerning constant being killed by the same PK chars, nothing has been done!! What is the point? We faced this problem long ago, and there were some measures to make this game fairer (and now I can even say playable?).. as the red skull and the revenge option. But it is just useless since NCSoft gave back privileges. As the player above mentioned: killing and damaging the game with no consequences. New PK chars are being created every day, mostly the damn ponies which do not even require much gear. Plus, players that are bored or that had quit m
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