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  1. yeah another thought was the interrupt, but i had 100% succes using power revival when i was off macro/auto hunt. i will try it
  2. thats something i didnt know. but it isnt auto skill. you cant auto use power revival. this happens when i am solo instance, so i am sure that i have not any of this skills.
  3. **update after trying different things i understand that the skill doesnt work when you have open macros/autohunt.
  4. Some times when you use power revival skill with tyrr maestro , the skill doesnt work. I have noticed it, in instances usually like castilla. The skill goes to cooldown but the effect of the skill doesnt work. Am I the only one that have noticed it?
  5. guys rellax, just buy the chocolate box
  6. so many maintenances i can understand, it is new game for the moment need fix, maybe in another 20 years be playable.
  7. Hello, i would like to have better enviroment to see the past updates. something like update log that i can search based keywords. for example, i read on lalas book that vitality affect the drop rate of items, but in news i read that Vitality doesnt affect it. i cant find easy answers, another example, yeah storm isle is special hunting zone for players 100~130levels, but what level are the mobs here?? where can i find the answer?? i have many questions about how game works. Is there any topic in forum updated with all changes? something like guide for newbies that they keep it updated wh
  8. Pay for standar items, like destiny/prestige or equipment without chances. In all mmo/rpg games is rule to not spend money in suplyies!!!! i am not here to teach you how to play, you can play whoever you want but in my opinion i would not spend any $$ for something that maybe fail. This is cassino, yeah if you win maybe you get value but most likely you will lose. This is how cassino works, in the end of the day the cassino and only 1 person make profit , and this person maybe yesterday has lost more.
  9. You all are crazy, you buy something that has CHANCES of succes and CHANCES of failure. why you believe your money will change the chances? no bro, if i spend 15$ and you spend 500$ my single scroll has same chances with your single scroll (you just have more scrolls). You have the problem if you spend money in something that has chances %%. If you stop buying it then they will stop sell it, but i think you are another type of cassino maniac and in reality you enjoy spending money on something that may fail. I just dont understand why you complain about this. The event isnt bad, th
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