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  1. KRaK8

    DA or SwS

    If you wanna play solo:DA If you wanna play in CP:SWS
  2. I think 90% of ppl crying,cause i was banned and never use bot..................use bot of macros like hell, but i understand ,they wanna save yours account botteds.
  3. SOA and ivory ,but you can go everywhre with this toon and PP. enjoy
  4. A lot of ppl share the account with CP member, i thing its not a problem.
  5. HI,Clan Deadlylotus LF 1 more CP to complete clan with 3 full CP. PM here or ingame "KRaK "GGarbanzo "Imni "andx
  6. This classic server are worst, than some private classic. The drop rate still bad(mobs 30 give more adena than 40++) bugs in halloween potions for a week, spoil........... And this continue bad for a weeks. I play here ,try enjoy the game with friends , but this is a bad work and all know this.
  7. Bump, SE reclutado solo nos falta SWS.
  8. ok,can make this in party you only need last hit.
  9. KRaK8

    WarCryer Buffs

  10. Hi,im lvl 39 and i go to make quest ,i need kill in Cruma ,someone know if i can make in party or solo?? Talk to Shadow Orim in the Death Pass. Map Go to the Cruma Tower, hunt Excuro, collect Excuro's Scale — 10 pcs.; Porta, collect Porta's Eye — 10 pcs.; and Mordeo, collect Mordeo's Talon — 10 pcs. Map
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