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  1. @LordDragnily mean for example all my jewels now are lvl 3 and in total 4.It's worth to give there adena in order to increase the m.skill damage and in general my dmg.i am full pve +6,wep pve +8,circlet rad +5,cloakc +7 leg,full artifact + 11% skill power,super adva brace,dyes all int +5 cha +5,dragon leather shirt +5.ihave to invest now in the jewels or rings,earings or to make some good +++ artifacts?
  2. Can anyone tell what i have to upgrade to do more dmg with the less cost of adena?Cuz for example a G.Saphire lvl 5 it OP but what is the more efficient way with adena-damage to start?
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