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  1. i know its a bit late of a response but all tyrrs are using light for pve. but honestly with either you will be fine... if you can get a bloody light then go for it!
  2. Hello, im not that sure that someone will read this, but what the fork, lets go. Im in a way a returning player. I knew I had to invest money into the game in order to see an improvement. I got myself prestige, destiny, bought a lot of L2 event boxes ( to sell ofc) and got me a decent gear. I saw SOME progress...I thought maybe if I get a few more items i will be ready to go. Well...Guess what? I feel like all that money and time invested in game was for NOTHING! The new "update" ( Who on earth call that an Update??) made my progress, well... irrelevant! I dont know who
  3. Melee lag and lag spikes all the time 1. Germany 2. no 3. All the time... 4. Exp field hunting, especially Silent Valley, Storm isle
  4. Hello, i have a question regarding the armor for my tyrr (DB). Back in the day ( 7 years ago) it was light for pvp and heavy for pve. Is it still the same or it doesnt matter anymore? Any advice will be helpful! Thanks.
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