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  1. when you can't even afford to buy basic/essential stuff like soulshots( 8 adena each just for NG shots ) because a single mob doesn't even drop enough adena to keep up with ss consumption, it's already a sign that things will turn out for the worst. most people will either: A) stop using ss, wich means killing monsters will take way more time, with the result in even more time spent between trying to lv up and recovering hp/mp, leading to further frustration and quite possible ragequit in the end; B) start buying from the webshop, spending real money instead for something that was meant to be available already in the game. in other words, pay to progress. and that's just for basic stuff, i don't even want to think about buying books and upgrading gear, because it's going to be terrible. the problem is that in the long run NCSoft will end up loosing not only a good part of the customers who paid for their services and got disappointed, but also other players who wanted to give the game a chance, simply because with the current state of things they won't be able to progress properly past lv20, unless they plan to spend tons of real money. i'm ok with people getting some benefits from paying extra services, but locking out everyone else from proper game progression is what will backfire hard in the end. they still have time to fix things as they should be, before the situation reaches the "beyond salvation" point. and if it does, discussing these things on the forum won't matter anymore.
  2. So...

    i'm about to tp to the bed and go grind in my dreams.
  3. i don't know about people in NA's timezone, but if they do delay again, for majority of EU players it's probably going to be goodnight Giran...
  4. Maximum stats cap

    in classic there shouldn't be dyes limitations to +5 like in previous chronicles, so the maximum gain possible from tattoos would be +12 on a single stat. however, considering that some armor sets can boost stats even further to +3/+4, the maximum amount of stats boosting would be either +15/+16. thing is, i was busy planning characters builds, when suddenly i remembered reading infos somewhere about characters stats capped around 52 in classic, with lower gains from going further past 52. i'm not really sure if that is true, so i just wanted a clarification on stats caps in our version of the game before buying tattoos. any official infos will be much appreciated, thx in advance.
  5. Best Melee PvP Class

    there's no such thing as "best melee class" since every single class has its pros and cons. in the end, it all depends on CP build.
  6. State of Destroyer In Classic?

    it's working just as it was before, but some skills have been reworked, so it might feel different. if you ever did trains in Forge of the Gods back in older chronicles, the answer to that would be no, you can't do that kind of thing anymore.
  7. i beg to differ on some points. i agree on the +STR build, since it's the most profitable for a gladi due to mp consumption of damage skills, however i wouldn't go for -CON unless i was doing mostly PvE. +STR -DEX would be the proper way to go past 70, since with duelist spirit lv2 you can balance out the loss in attack speed, and still mantain a good HP pool. tyrants may have higher damage spikes compared to gladis, but they are weaker to ccs such as stun. destroyers on zealot+frenzy have always been a nightmare for anything that got close to them, yet they can still get feared as much as any other melee class. they do have the ability to oneshot even tanks with criticals on full buffs+dances thou, so i guess they're still the top melee DDs. olympiads are another story as well. there's other factors to consider like talismans, baiting and positioning, so it's a bit more complex compared to world pvp. classes with fear/silence skills will dominate most of the time anyway, especially DAs since they got both higher survival chances, ccs and extra damage from panther/cancel.
  8. How are SK's in classic?

    in Classic, CON does not affect stun resist anymore. it does, however, affect shield defence rate, so it's always useful for tanks.
  9. Classic's pvp is relying a lot more on crowd control compared to previous patches. with that said, anything that has fear, paralyze or silence has already the upper hand against those who do not have such ccs. necros/spellhowlers will be very popular. gladiators shine in group play, as in small-scale world pvp where they can get plenty of kills if they don't get focused. they're good for solo pvp as well, at least against most classes. as for mass pvp, there's way better classes suited for that. they're not really meant as a class for mass pvp, except for rushing/pushing the enemy lines together with other melee units/tanks when it's needed.
  10. How are SK's in classic?

    depends if they're flagged or not. warlord stuns have some limitations in Classic. if you do manage to get someone in stunlocking, however, they won't be able to do anything. just like any other class with stun skills.
  11. How are SK's in classic?

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quick_Spear_-_Warlord Recast Time 10 seconds Hit Time 2.5 seconds Cast Range 900 you can pretty much throw an AoE stun from 900 range every 10 seconds, that should speak for itself. i know they're not exactly nukers thou, it's just that when they're played as CCers in mage parties, they're the best at it. they can do well in both mass/group PvP situations anyway.
  12. How are SK's in classic?

    SKs are quite fine as offensive tanks, both in PvE and PvP. not as broken as DAs in PvP, but still good as supporting the party. SKs with magic swords can also deal good amounts of damage to enemies with low m.def by using their drains and debuffs. they're also the best tanks for raid bosses, due to hex, poison and bleed. warlords are very good and also versatile. you can play them either as CCers in mage parties, or front-line rushers/hybrid tanks in melee parties.
  13. Archers vs Wizards

    regarding archers, probably phantom ranger due to fatal counter at low hp pretty much oneshotting anything that wears a robe or light armor. as for wizards, i'd say necros. they got fear, paralyze, silence and summon with transfer pain, so they're quite hard to deal with.
  14. Run Speed and buff classes

    DEX doesn't affect running speed in Classic anymore. it should be fixed for every character, then of course there's also passive/active skills to consider.

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Classes_in_Lineage_2 you may want to give a look at skills over there, just to get a general idea of how classes will work in classic. ES doesn't need that much mana to farm alone, while nukers will have a hard time without a recharger( and there's no mana herbs dropping in classic ). there should be also pet soulshots in this client version, if i understood correctly. so that's a plus i guess.