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  1. If you own the laptop might as well try, no? conssidering it is a U processor, might run bad+gpu will do fine, I am more worried about the CPU but I think it will run with all minmum decent..
  2. On a funny note now. Got alienware 17 with i7 7820hk and gtx1080 same shit. Even lower details is the same. Only thing that improves is "Display limit" tab , the only one that I reduce and affects frames. @Juji is this something to do with a bug in the engine? I don't want super duper graphics, I gave up on that long time ago, but the ones we have now should work well. Is there any attempt on NCsoft ever fixing this or they milk the cow for free while they can?
  3. using msi afterburner and rivatuner i get cpu at about max 70% and gpu at 25-38% max.
  4. This bogles my mind as well, what the heck? I try all things to increase fps. Undervolting and putting multipliers equal did improve a lot, no stuttering happening when panning camera. Waiting for @Starsong with hi's CPU, curios how hi's cpu handle Giran.
  5. How are your frames in Giran? on full load? I get there 15-22 , incredible how bad this game is uptimised. I measure with overwolf overlay.
  6. Okay guys, I have an alienware 15r3 with gtx1060 and i5 7300hq m.2 ssd 16gb ram and i had bad frames regardless of what settings I was having. After some back and forth searchign this did the fix . We need to undervolt cpu and make it throttlestop. Here is a video that explains perfectly how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfIxf73RGEg&t=2s Leave me feedback on how much performance you got. I have now from 60-75fps while still and turn camera to 22-35 jumped to 115 still camera to 45-60 when turning camera. Hope this helps some of your frustration. All the b
  7. Let's hope DEV has some brains to fix this haha
  8. No, I did not ! dammit! are we getting them? haha
  9. lol, epic !true story ! wait, chronicle pack should give us 3000 ncoins? I did not get any!
  10. laughed so hard, true story right here !
  11. the best post ever! I don't even want to mention the "upsy" disconnects for people that wait in the queue, the website is bugged all around, gamed is bugged all around. And I paid 60$ for what? Even classic private server ".club" had better launch and stable servers than this. It's ridiculous beyond thought, we are taken for fools and that is for sure. xp loss on death 10-14% , and not fixed, amazing ! I will probably ask for a refund as they did not deliver.
  12. I shouldn't laugh, but this is so funny. This game is so broken...even private servers have more stable quest and servers. and Yeah we can complain cause some of us did buy ncoin and chronicle packs.
  13. Died 5 times already, it's pathetic! someone died in pvp and still loss 10%, yeah... so much for believing the patch notes. Even private servers have a better database than the official. so many bugs...amazing !
  14. Yeah, i dies 5 times i can tell you is a bleep. Something is off here, with VIP not even a bleeping drop!
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